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David deangelo - double your dating - portugues brasileiro Info comedian this is david's most of dating 2019 disc included katherine scott. Follow us!Become mr. Enjoy them, videos: Currently deep inner game a fool-net road map to make her jealous. David is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Hildred Capital Management, a healthcare-focused private equity firm in New York. He previously co-founded Hildred Capital Partners, a family investment firm, and has served as Operating Partner since 2014, responsible for overseeing all of Hildred’s operations and investment activities. David currently serves on the board for DermCare, a […] David D'Angelo's work history and vision as a photographer. I love the process of photography combined with imaging and I use whatever tools necessary, to accomplish my goals.I readily admit, I am a creator of imagery, rather than a purist photographer ~ And I have no guilt, whatsoever, in saying so : ) You can see a part of my process in the 'Images' portfolio. David DeAngelo's powerful insights into relationships and how to make them work. Learn the psychology that lies beneath interactions, and discover how to communicate with love and respect in your relaitonship. 4 Signs You’re Ready For A Relationship … Do You KNOW If You Are Ready? ~by Dating Expert David DeAngelo . If you’re like most guys, you like to know what’s coming. You won’t road-trip without a travel plan. You won’t pay for a movie unless you know what it’s about. So here’s the big mystery… David M's Insider Internet Dating System Download - Insider Internet Dating Pdf The Biggest Myths About “The Perfect Relationship” By Dating Expert David DeAngelo. ... As we bond and rely more deeply on our partner, we feel her criticisms, our own weaknesses, and conflicts much more deeply – almost like back when we were kids. And that makes love harder. MYTH: THE PERFECT PARTNER IS EASY TO GET ALONG WITH. The Short Version: David DeAngelo is your average guy who’s figured out what genuinely works with women — no tricks, no games, no manipulation. Relatable and honest, David shares his everyday secrets with millions of single men through a series of helpful books, programs, articles, and videos on DoubleYourDating.com.A lot of dating experts make outrageous claims […] View David D'Angelo [email protected]’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. David has 5 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and ... David D'Angelo: Bio and Credits: Dave D airborne just above the Animus River in Southeastern Colorado, getting in position to shoot for the Red Bull Divide and Conquer Adventure Race - June '05. Partner David D’Angelo has been a Producer/Cinematographer with Serac Adventure Films for the past five years.

What A Day: DeJoy in Mudville by Sarah Lazarus, Brian Beutler & Crooked Media (08/21/20)

2020.08.22 15:08 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: DeJoy in Mudville by Sarah Lazarus, Brian Beutler & Crooked Media (08/21/20)

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." - Delaware's own Tom Carper, voice of the people

Fax And Fiction

“A home run in the bottom of the ninth!” “A very good speech!” “Enormously effective!” “The best he’s been!” And that’s just how a bunch of Fox News Republicans thought Joe Biden did last night.
Having watched Democrats produce a widely hailed, politically effective, and technically smooth virtual convention (thank you Glenn), Trump graciously offered a preview of the paranoid, racist, lie-drenched festival Republicans have planned for next week!
Apart from his promises to fix the crises Trump has created, Biden’s most basic appeal this week was that Trump has made America a crueler place, and he would make it better simply by being a kind, empathic, generous person. That shows just how low Trump has set the bar for American leadership. But it’s also a step the country needs to take on its road to recovery, or it’ll never recover. Ready to do your part?

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

On this week's Campaign Experts React to Good and Bad 2020 Ads (you love it), Dan Pfeiffer and former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod react to a Biden ad targeting seniors in Florida, a negative spot from the Trump campaign, and an ad from Governor Roy Cooper's re-election campaign in North Carolina. Don't forget to smash that subscribe button

Under The Radar

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testified before a GOP-led Senate committee today, insisting that the USPS is “fully capable and committed to delivering the nation's election mail securely and on time.” That commitment does not, apparently, extend to reinstalling mailboxes and sorting machines ahead of the election. Kamala Harris was on the panel, but opted to submit questions to DeJoy in writing rather than participate in the hearing—a surprising choice, given that flaying Republican hacks is one of Harris’s top strengths. Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin denied having anything to do with Trump’s selection of DeJoy for the job, while the former USPS inspector general told the Congressional Progressive Caucus that Mnuchin had politicized the agency, and specifically wanted mailboxes removed. The House is set to vote on a bill that would provide $25 billion to the post office on Saturday, and DeJoy will appear before the House oversight committee on Monday.

What Else?

The Trump administration will put coronavirus-data collection back in the hands of the CDC, after the abrupt shift to a new HHS reporting system caused delays and data inconsistencies, just like public health experts warned it would. Good—now to find out exactly why it happened in the first place.
In the meantime, it’s on to the next: The White House has barred the FDA from regulating coronavirus tests. Approved labs will be able to make and sell tests without having to provide data on their reliability, and just speaking for ourselves here, accuracy is one of our favorite coronavirus-test features.
President Trump casually suggested withholding federal aid for California amid raging wildfires, because California didn’t take his suggestion to rake forest floors. Trump’s own former DHS chief of staff said Trump tried to withhold emergency funding for California because Californians didn’t vote for him.
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made clear he’s open to abolishing the filibuster if Joe Biden wins with a Democratic Senate majority. Let’s get it done
Progressives were pretty pissed when Nancy Pelosi endorsed Joe Kennedy over Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) on Thursday, but maybe she had a good reason? “I wasn’t too happy with some of the assault that I saw made on the Kennedy family, and I thought, Joe didn’t ask me to endorse him, but I felt an imperative to do so.” Oh.
Facebook has reportedly begun laying out contingency plans in case Trump tries to delegitimize the election results, including a “kill switch” to shut down political ads after election day. Whether any of those plans will remain in place after Trump calls Mark Zuckerberg and screams at him, we cannot say.
A California judge sentenced Joseph DeAngelo, the Golden State Killer, to life in prison without the possibility of parole. DeAngelo pleaded guilty to 13 murders and dozens of rapes.
In significantly less horrific California crimes, a federal judge sentenced Lori Loughlin to two months in prison for her role in the Varsity Blues college admissions scheme. Loughlin’s husband was sentenced to five months.
In medium-horrific California crimes, Megan Thee Stallion has accused rapper Tory Lanez of shooting her in the feet following an argument last month.
Fox News staffers are rattled by how fully the network has become a Trump mouthpiece, and even Sean Hannity has reportedly been having a terrible time: “Hannity would tell you, off-off-off the record, that Trump is a batshit crazy person.” God bless them for putting aside those personal feelings to press on with the important work of radicalizing everyone’s parents.

Be Smarter

Doctors have cleared opposition leader Alexey Navalny to be transported to Germany for treatment, after initially blocking his family’s attempts to move him. Navalny is in a coma after falling ill on a return flight to Moscow from Siberia in a suspected poisoning. The deputy head physician at the Siberian hospital where Navalny was initially treated said that no poisons were found in his system, contradicting reports from police, who said they’d identified an “industrial chemical substance.” The hospital’s chief doctor suggested that Navalny fell into a coma because of low blood sugar, a very reasonable diagnosis in a land where doctors are known to mysteriously fall out of windows.

What A Sponsor

If there is one thing that health experts agree on, it’s that the perfect diet doesn’t exist.
Even when we eat super well, our daily nutritional needs are constantly changing due to depleted nutrients in the food we eat, stress, environmental toxins and more.
As a result our digestive systems may be compromised and struggle to absorb as efficiently as they should in order to support our immune system, gut health and energy levels.
Enter a multivitamin Athletic Greens.
Developed from a complex blend of 75 vitamins, minerals and whole food sourced ingredients, Athletic Greens is a comprehensive all-in-one greens powder formulated to help fill the nutritional gaps in your diet.
Packed with adaptogenic herbs for recovery, pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes for gut health, Vitamin C and zinc citrate for immune support, a high quality B vitamin complex for energy, and much more - Athletic Greens is an easy, nutritional insurance to help your body meet its nutritional needs.
When you use Athletic Greens, you know you’re putting the highest quality ingredients in your body that exclude any synthetic ingredients or nasty fillers. And–unlike a lot of green drinks–Athletic Greens actually tastes good (just ask our PSA hosts)!
Building a consistent health routine doesn’t get any easier. Try Athletic Greens now and receive 20 free servings with your first purchase delivered straight to your door.

Is That Hope I Feel?

This is a great piece on the political power of Joe Biden’s kindness.
Relatedly, if you’ve got a minute for a cry, here’s a video of the first time Biden met Brayden Harrington.
The New York chapter of the ACLU won an appeals court's consent to publish records of NYPD complaints dating back to the '80's, leading a federal judge to lift a restraining order on the release of NYPD disciplinary records.
Taylor Swift donated signed Folklore CDs to support indie record stores across the U.S., and also has been very cool about encouraging her fans to vote early. (Go on the pod, Taylor.)


craic baby on Twitter: "baby pandas have one purpose and that is Chaos"
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2020.08.22 05:17 hnglmkrnglbrry Jim Halpert sucks

I'm rewatching this show and repeatedly Jim Halpert proves himself to be a self-centered, hypocritical, mean, jackass punctuated by brief moments of the most basic forms of human decency that we are to confuse for him being a good person.
Season 1 we find Jim pulling pranks on Dwight from moment go. But...why? Jim is the cause of 99% of the behavior that Dwight exhibits that annoys him. Dude needs to learn about cause and effect. Most of his pranks are entirely unprovoked, and he goes way too far with a ton of them. Dwight mocks the amount of snow falling and Jim throws a snowball in his face. Then to top it off, he acts like the victim because Dwight actually fights back. Jim stripped Dwight to his underwear in front of his co-workers, and then acts terrified that Dwight would harm his children? Jim is a classic bully who absolutely cannot take even a modicum of his own medicine.
Some of this shit is just sociopathic grooming behavior too. Offering Dwight a mint at a buzz repeatedly to condition him? Slowly adding weight to Dwight's phone headset only to remove it so Dwight can hit himself in the face? Not the stuff a sane person does.
And let's not forget that Dwight didn't hesitate for a second to protect Jim from Roy and literally asked for nothing in return. Jim did make an effort to show his appreciation so that is commendable...but then 4 episodes later he slaps Dwight in the face because Dwight said most attacks come from the rear. The guy that just saved you from getting your ass handed to you is the same person you're going to mock for their self defense techniques? Dick. Oh and then you dress like him for no reason to make fun of him for having interests outside of tormenting his coworkers? And who did Jim run to for help when whatsherface was trying to sleep with him in Florida? Dwight. "Hey, Dwight, I don't have enough respect for my wife to tell this woman to leave my hotel room, so can you come and check for bedbugs?"
What about Jim the hypocrite? Jim mocks Charles Miner for kissing David Wallace's ass because he did the very sycophantic move of thanking David Wallace of giving him a job and complimenting the members of the office? So how does Jim show his disdain for flattery? By pretending to know how to play soccer to impress Charles. Don't worry though, it only resulted in Phyllis getting hit in the face with a ball. No biggie! She's not a main character in Jim's eyes. He was so desperate for Charles's approval that he couldn't even ask, "What's a rundown?" Not to mention Jim begs for DeAngelo and Robert to like him, be it don't worry, it's not being a kiss ass when Jim does it. "Look at my baby! Please like me!" "Can I join the inner circle? I'll do anything to stay!" He does everything to impress his bosses except actually trying to perform well.
"But what about Pam? He's so sweet with Pam!"
Yes he is. Except when he's fucking horrible to her. The Halloween costumes thing is whatever. He doesn't have to do that crap if he doesn't want to. But what about if someone calls your wife a bitch...in front of your boss...because she said women were being discriminated against? Would you say, "Hey don't say that! That's the woman I love!" Or would you just be silent and never address it? Because Jim chose the latter when Kevin called Pam a bitch. Don't worry, though. He cut a rental tie in half once so he's prince charming.
How about buying a house without your wife's approval? Think about this: her name isn't even on the mortgage. She lives in his house literally and figuratively. He is connected to that home and he thought, "Well I'm stuck in a state of permanent arrested development, so of course I want to live forever in my memories as a 12 year old." And it's not like Jim bought the house and fixed it up for his new bride. No. He left it just as shitty as he found it because, he's Jim. Why should he try? He's a mediocre man with a mediocre job that he puts mediocre work into. Pam should consider herself fortunate to have such a wonderful "partner."
The Philly job. "Oh man. Where to begin? I guess at the beginning where he didn't tell his wife and mother of his two small children that he took a job several hours away. Remember that wonderful little moment when Pam gives him the opportunity to tell her about it and he just lies to her face? Well how about that instance where he decides to invest what Pam describes as the majority of their savings on a whim? I guess their two children didn't really need to go to college. Oh and then he actually leaves her alone with their two kids so that he can relive his sophomore year of college (which based on his financial decisions those children will never likely get to experience for themselves). Divorce him. Divorce him immediately. Divorce him twice if possible.
And again he takes it out on Dwight. Pam is rightfully mad at him, so what does Jim do? He makes Dwight question whether or not he's infertile to get the office closed for environmental danger. When Dwight comes up with a temporary workspace, Jim manipulates that situation only so he can try and make himself feel better about hurting Pam. Then, because Dwight, who unlike Jim is capable of expressing feelings of sadness and remorse, is unable to go on with the trip because of the fake infertility that Jim convinced him of, Jim gets even madder at Dwight.
Jim has moments where he does perform acts of basic decency though. He supports his girlfriend for going to school, he doesn't let Dwight walk right into getting fired, and he returns home to his family after abandoning them.
Jim Halpert sucks.
TL;DR: Jim's a dick, and the real protagonist is The Office is Roy, whose only mistake was not waiting for Jim in the parking lot to beat the self-righteous smugness out of him.
Also want to clarify this is in no way an indictment of John Krasinski who seems like a decent dude in real life.
Edit: spelling
Edit 2: it's quite telling that despite all the downvotes, not a single defense of Jim's behavior throughout the show has been offered up.
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2020.07.30 00:40 breadispain NHL Play-in Overview

Play-In Overview

Hey, folks! Long time, no see. I had gone quiet around here for several months before COVID-19 hit the NHL, and it’s been several more since without hockey at all. The last week of February I had several top three finishes in the breakaway and was making decent stabs into March before everything came to a halt. Much like the players themselves, I expect that people will be rusty making wagers. The contests aren’t particularly enticing though, especially considering the heavy losses sites took with unfilled GPPs for MLB and NBA milly makers. I’ll take what I can get.
If you’re new to NHL DFS, you can check out my annual NHL DFS Primer, though admittedly strategy here feels a bit more like throwing darts without much data to go on and a lot of curveball variables.
Note: at the time of writing none of the series have started yet and only the August 1 contests and salaries were posted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


New York Rangers vs Carolina Hurricanes
The Rangers swept the Hurricanes this season. However, they were sellers at the deadline, losing Skjei (to the Canes!), which definitely hurts them defensively because their LD depth was already atrocious. On the flipside, the Canes have a laughable amount of defensive depth right now, which helps to soften the blow in losing Hamilton and Pesce to injuries. Vatanen doesn’t come cheap, but seems to be slotting into the top powerplay unit, which was previously occupied by Slavin. Slavin’s own salary is inflated from powerplay time at the end of the season. It feels like a reach to go with either player unless you’re doing a full four man stack here. DeAngelo seems like a high risk, high reward play for the Rangers, because his salary is also inflated but he did have some huge games to occasionally justify it. I think Adam Fox will go under the radar and could chip in a few points here and there as well, if you’re looking for value.
As far as the match-up goes, the Rangers are totally outmatched in depth, both for offense and defense. What makes this one interesting for DFS is just how hot the Rangers top six was toward the end of the curtailed season. Zibanejad had 75 points (41G, 34A) in only 57 games and might’ve eclipsed the 100 point mark if he could’ve sustained that pace for a full season. Panarin’s first year as a Ranger had him eclipse his previous point totals with 95 points (32G, 63A) in 69 games. These numbers are insane to me, especially considering a fair chunk of production came when they weren’t even linemates. Not to discount CAR1 as an option, but they’re quite expensive and Hurricanes tend to score as a team without relying on a single offensive line. NYR2 is easily attainable and could win you a GPP if that line picks up where they left off, and I’m not shying away from NYR1 either. It should be noted that the Rangers scored an average of 4.25 goals against the Hurricanes this season.
The other contributing factor in this series will be goaltending, as Mrazek has shown flourishes at times but isn’t exactly who I would want as my starting goalie headed into a playoff contest, while the Rangers theoretically are choosing between three goaltenders at this time. I would prefer to see what Shesterkin could do, but there’s a possibility that Lundqvist will be between the pipes, especially since he had success against the Canes in the past. He’s a reasonable value option with upside, and even more so if you’re looking on Draftkings, where he should hit the shot bonus night in, night out. I would be surprised if they made Georgiev their guy, though he still seems to be hanging in there. He’s basically priced at the floor, if that’s the case.
F: CAR1, Williams; NYR1, NYR2
D: Vatanen, Slavin, Deangelo, Fox
G: Lundqvist/Shesterkin
Florida Panthers vs New York Islanders
The Panthers just gave up five goals in their exhibition game. Granted, it was against the Tampa Bay Lightning, but that can’t be a confidence booster for the team or good for Bobrovsky’s morale. It also doesn’t help that the Isles swept their regular season matchup. For reasons unclear to me, NYI1 is priced in the same tier as McDavid’s and Crosby’s lines. There’s absolutely nothing about their point production that justifies this to me, and it’s even more mystifying when compared to NYI2, who actually had more points overall and will see easier deployment. I could see some people dipping down to Pageau or Cizikas as one offs for value, but I’m not personally on it. I might take a look at Pulock as a pivot on Draftkings where he will pick up solid peripherals and could chip in a point or two though. Greene is also likely to get the blocked shot bonus with a reasonable salary.
I’m not sure what broke for the Panthers this year, but unless their top line is reunited and happens to click, I expect an early exit for them in this season. They didn’t muster more than a goal a game against the Islanders and traded away Trocheck for Haula, while the Isles have even more depth now and should be able to shut them down completely. Hoffman had a decent season and remained a viable standalone option during the regular season, but I can’t even see myself getting to him here.
I’m expecting Varlamov in net over Greiss, but both options are affordable on either site. This seems like the safest bet all around to me.
F: NYI2, Pageau. Subject to change if Bob is worse than expected.
D: Pulock, Greene (DK)
G: Varlamov
Montreal Canadiens vs Pittsburgh Penguins
As a Montreal Canadiens fan it pains me to say this, but I have no hope whatsoever the Canadiens manage to steal this series. Our left defense is weak and we traded away Scandella, who was barely a bandaid for that problem anyway. We also ditched Thompson, who would’ve helped immensely on the penalty kill, as well as Kovalchuk. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh bolstered their already enviable top six by reuniting Sheary with Crosby (while also getting Guentzel back), recruiting a long-coveted Zucker to play with Malkin, and tossing in Marleau for good measure. Their fourth line is a defensive beast. The Pens are the Vegas favorites in the play-in for good reason. Hornqvist is a nightly contender for the Draftkings shot bonus and could also pick up powerplay points, so I don’t mind him as a one-off. The only hope the Habs have here will be creating turnovers in the neutral zone with their speed, so you might expect someone like Byron to be a situational value play or something. I will have a few shares of the Canadiens because I will be watching the games and will kick myself if MTL1 clicks, but they’re priced up and have a tough task ahead of them. Basically, the Pens have a top six where four players averaged over a point per game this season; the Habs have… one player that sniffed the possibility for a little while, maybe.
On defense, Petry is priced reasonably on Fanduel and will be eating up big minutes. If their exhibition game is any indication of how bad their powerplay is going to be (they gave up two shorthanded goals to the Leafs), I’m also hoping he takes Weber’s spot on the blue line, but it seems incredibly unlikely that happens. Weber will likely have a big game at some point in the series but I’m not sure his salary justifies the risk for me. The high-end defensive option is obviously Letang, though he is often a boom or bust candidate. I’m loving the value offered for Marino on defense and will be getting a lot of shares of him.
Even if Price was still the greatest goaltender in the world and he was priced at floor, it would be a considerable risk to play him. I’m avoiding him completely. I’m not sure whether Jarry or Murray is getting the nod in net. Both goalies are priced high and, though there is certainly upside there since the Habs do tend to shoot a lot of low risk pucks at the net, there are worse options.
F: PIT1, PIT2, Hornqvist; MTL1
D: Marino, Letang; Petry
G: Murray/Jarry (if you’re rich)
Toronto Maple Leafs versus Columbus Blue Jackets
The Columbus Blue Jackets still managed to win games this season, despite being decimated by significant injuries and not looking like they have much depth on paper when healthy. They lost Panarin and Bobrovsky in the off-season and I think many people, myself included, thought they would be a bottom-dwelling team for some time, even after their surprise upset of Tampa Bay in the first round of the playoffs last year. Merzlikins really showed up as well and won me some money on his hot streak. As far as DFS value though, their entire roster was capped below 50 points this season. They have a healthier lineup now, so when lines shake out there’s a possibility for breakout games from Bjorkstrand, Anderson, Atkinson, etc. but I would only really take a stab on Werenski here, and even then his salary isn’t palatable.
The Leafs offense is frustrating to me. Each of the top two lines have players that can offset the star salaries (Hyman; Mikheyev), which helps, but it’s impossible to tell which will go off and whether they’ll have full line correlation. Though Marner puts up a ton of points, he’s primarily a playmaker, and assists alone make it difficult to pay off his salary for DFS. With that said, it seems impossible to completely fade Matthews or Tavares in this series, and they are likely to be incredibly chalky. Mikheyev looked great in his return in the exhibition game. Hell, there’s even a chance the third line contributes a few goals here. I’m still taking Rielly over Barrie though, despite not getting the powerplay time. Muzzin will get some peripherals and could chip in a few points as well.
If Columbus wins, it’s tough to say whether it’ll be from a showstopping performance from their goaltender or a team effort blocking numerous shots. Either way, it seems like quite the gamble to go this route in net. Andersen is a better goalie than he gets credit for and the Leafs do tend to give up a lot of shots against, but considering his likely ownership percentage, I’m hoping he’s a bust.
F: Leafs.
D: Rielly, Muzzin; Werenski
G: Andersen, Merzlikins


Winnipeg Jets vs Calgary Flames
I feel bad for the Jets, I really do. They lost basically their entire defense core and several key forwards in a single offseason. They really had to change up their strategy this season to compensate and it has hurt the production of their top six a bit, even if WPG1 still maintained a point per game pace. Pionk was a pleasant surprise, and Hellebuyck put up a Vezina-caliber season, but this doesn’t feel like a playoff team to me anymore. Thankfully, neither does this season’s iteration of the Calgary Flames, which is interesting because not much changed from last season when they were at the top of their division. They have not faced each other yet in 2020. Anything could happen in the playoffs definitely holds true with this series.
At a glance, it looks like the Jets have the better goaltender, but the Flames have the better defense. Both have a viable top six, though CGY1 is considerably cheaper on Draftkings. CGY2 and WPG2 are stackable with most anything, which makes them enticing considering both have upside. CGY1 and WPG1 both have multipoint upside as well. This whole series is a bit of a head scratcher for me though, because I’m undecided if we’ll see tight 2-1 playoff hockey or a shooting gallery. My only take is that there is a lot of potential here, from Hellebuyck in net for GPP upside, to either side breaking the slate. Gustafsson is very accessible if he usurps the PP1 spot from Giordano again, though I don’t see it happening unless he’s already logging huge minutes.
D: Gustafsson (value)
G: Hellebuyck.
Chicago Blackhawks vs Edmonton Oilers
Hindsight is 2020 and they likely would’ve rolled with Crawford anyway, but flipping Lehner at the trade deadline seems like an awful mistake right now. My hunch is that the Oilers are sticking to Koskinen, but if game one goes badly I could see them throwing Smith into the crease as well.
It goes without saying who the players to watch in this series will be, but getting to them is complicated by some line juggling. It’s worth noting the Hawks scored three goals in all three games this season. It’s safe to play Kane alone as he works his way opportunistically up and down the lineup, at least. Why Kubalik is currently stuck with Dach on the third line when he was playing so well with Toews only makes me think Toews and Saad will be tasked with shutting down… the entire top six of the Oilers, since whichever line isn’t up against Toews is going to have a lot of fun in this series. My guess is that it will be the Draisaitl line, which is why I’m really hoping Nuge drops down to EDM2 soon. That line was one of the best in the league headed into our unplanned break here. As it stands, having Draisaitl with both Yamamoto and Ennis offers huge salary relief that allows this line to be paired with almost anything though, so I’m leaning on that.
With Gustafsson no longer in the lineup and Seabrook out, Keith is going to be playing big minutes and getting powerplay time. He seems like a decent mid-range value option to me right now on Draftkings. As long as Klefbom is healthy and on the top powerplay, he deserves a solid look even if you could pay up for others, though his salary is a bit off-putting. Players like Russell and De Haan probably see some value on Draftkings for the shot block bonus alone. Nurse is also a reasonable pick, though I would likely pay up for Klefbom, if possible.
F: EDM2, McDavid; Kane
D: Keith; Klefbom, Russell (DK)
G: Nope.
Arizona Coyotes vs Nashville Predators
Without looking, can you guess who led the Predators in points this season? When your best player is a defenseman even though you sacrificed plenty to build your top six, you can’t be very happy with the results. Josi was one of the top defensemen in the league this year and deserves a spot in any lineup that can afford him, regardless of competition. He plays big minutes, he blocks, he shoots, and he has almost a point per game. Beyond him and his defensive partner, Ellis, the Predators are seriously underwhelming for DFS options. Sure, there’s a chance you’ll find value from Jarnkrok, Bonino, Smith, etc. or maybe Ekholm on the backend, but the probability of Forsberg or Arvidsson getting you a hat trick with Johansen even touching the puck on the play feels like a distant memory right now.
That’s not to say the Coyotes look any better though. Chychrun always stands out as a value play to me, as has Goligoski from time to time. Hall has some potential but is unlikely to pay off his salary. Garland outperformed Kessel, so if his salary is reasonable, I’d look there. All in all though, this one is likely to come down to goaltender upside more than anything.
F: There’s value upside here (Garland; Bonino, Jarnkrok) and Hall
D: Josi, Ellis; Chychrun
G: Whomever is starting has potential
Vancouver Canucks vs Minnesota Wild
The post-Sedin era for the Canucks seems promising a lot faster than anticipated. I had personally wanted the Habs to draft Hughes over Kotkaniemi and he seems to be living up to expectations. Everything in the top six seems to be going right, with JT Miller and Toffoli slotting in well next to Pettersson, and Pearson being a huge upgrade over Eriksson with Horvat and a now-healthy Boeser (who is from Minnesota, for whatever that’s worth). Edler is still a peripheral beast, though he has lost some edge on points without as much powerplay time. Markstrom is settling in while Demko warms up. They’re going to be in cap hell soon, but for now: weee! A lot of people are going to be trying to ride this train to the bank.
They actually didn’t have much success against the Wild this season, however, and a well-rested core of veterans playing a tight defensive system could pose a few problems for the Canucks. Fiala was red hot down the stretch. At the time of the Granlund trade that seemed like another in a series of terrible moves, but that actually seems to have paid off. There are some other potential value picks throughout this lineup if a depth line gets hot, but you’re probably safe not looking at them. Suter and Spurgeon offer upside with big minutes, peripherals and powerplay time, while Dumba is likely to be dirt cheap and could regain his former glory.
F: VAN1, VAN2; Fiala
D: Hughes; SuteSpurgeon, Dumba
G: Maybe?
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2020.07.09 07:45 Justwonderinif Golden State Killer Timeline V

<<< Golden State Killer Timeline IV
Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Wednesday, August 19
Golden State Killer Timeline VI>>>
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2020.02.10 18:34 HockeyPowerRanker r/hockey NHL Power Rankings Week 19: Pacific Losers Edition

/Hockey NHL Power Rankings Week Feb 3, 2020 - Feb 9, 2020

Thank You

Thank you to all of the volunteers doing the power rankings. Each ranker has their own system and have their own reasonings and analyis. It truly is a lot of work.






The visualization contains historical data, so you can see how your team has done over time. Hopefully, we can run this for many years in hopes that we can see the rise and fall of teams by /hockey opinion.
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Ranking (avg) Team Delta Overall Record Record This Week Comments
1 (2) Tampa Bay Lightning 1 35-15-5 3-0-0 Man this team is HOT right now. Vasy has been unreal, with a .941 since coming back from the break. Stamkos has 8 in the past 7, and the rest of that first line has been pretty good too. Cirelli has been making a case for himself for Selke. The only concern right now is the PP dying, going 0 for 6 this week. GRAVY. TRAIN. GRAVY WIT YO DAME.
2 (2.83) Boston Bruins 2 34-11-12 3-1-0 Thanks NHL for two traveling back-to-backs this week. Great scheduling there. I will also blame you for Halak getting sick. Well, the Bruins have been chugging along as of late, winning games. The Bruins blanked the Canucks and then amazingly won in OT against the Blackhawks, I won't talk about the whistle. The Bruins eked out a win against the stingy Coyotes before heading to Detroit. The Bruins decided they had enough of this winning thing and took a polar plunge into Lake Michigan against the Red Wings. Bruins actually played well against the Red Wings but a sloppy turnover and a goal overturned due to interminable offside review [please fix this!] and it was another L against the Red Wings this season.
3 (3.17) Washington Capitals -2 36-14-5 1-1-0 The count to 700 is on. I for one am hoping for a call worthy of this achievement. Might be while till we see the next one.
4 (4.07) Pittsburgh Penguins -1 34-15-5 1-1-0
5 (6.45) Colorado Avalanche 2 32-16-6 4-0-0 Really good week for the Avs. The solid process from the Flyers game carried through this week. The team was just solid all around. The biggest game was against the red hot Blue Jackets and for a 2-1 game there was tons of action, both goalies were outstanding. Honestly this team is on fire and when the process is good is near unstoppable. The big questions as the Trade Deadline nears is what do the Avs need I think another Top 6 forward is about all that hits the top of the wish list. Big homestand starts this week with the Outdoor game at the Airforce Academy Saturday get hyped for some crisp outdoor air and action. Makalder update: Cale is rested from the break and hitting his stride again 5 points in 4 games this week. Shout out to his partner Ryan Graves he has become a steady Rock on D and is barely not a rookie this year himself.
6 (7.31) St. Louis Blues -1 32-15-9 1-1-1 The Blues are in a slump right now, and although we have a bit of a cushion on the division lead, we need to pick it up soon. Look for Allen to get more starts and Armstrong to make a smart deal for a top-6 guy (if it looks like Senko won't be soon enough)
7 (7.72) Columbus Blue Jackets 2 30-17-9 2-1-0 The Jackets' second 10 game point streak came to an end on Saturday thanks to a late goal by the Avs. Our lack of raw goal scoring has been apparent the past few games, as we've scored 3 non-empty net goals in the past 3 games (but won 2 of those). Our defense is second to none, but we can't rely on winning every game 1-0.
8 (9.31) Carolina Hurricanes 4 32-20-3 2-1-0 At this point in the Metro if you aren’t going to have more than a 100 points at the end of the season you aren’t going to make the playoffs.
9 (10.52) New York Islanders 2 31-16-6 2-1-0 Overall it was a decent week, with wins against the Stars and Kings, and a road loss against a streaking Tampa team. Their play still is far from the best it has been under Trotz, but they found ways to win. Bellows looks like a welcome addition as a shoot-first player on a team with very few of those. Barzal more than anybody needs to find a way to kick it into a higher gear for the Isles to both make the playoffs, and get a favorable seed.
10 (10.79) Philadelphia Flyers 4 30-18-7 2-1-0 I don't know why we even bother ranking the flyers. I watch almost every game and I have no clue what's going to happen. The loss to the devil's stings but I still feel like they didn't regress, they can still destroy the caps if they want to.
11 (10.86) Dallas Stars 2 31-19-5 2-1-1 The boys keep squeezing out points after starting behind in most. 5 of 6 pts on a road trip is great, and 2 big pts against STL. Hintz and Guri are the real deal and continue to impress. Looks like Stars and Avs could be a potential first round matchup, just like the early 2000's.
12 (11.79) Toronto Maple Leafs -4 29-19-8 1-2-1 Michael Hutchison, who before this week seemed like he was back on track as a solid backup, completely fell apart. He came into an important game against the Panthers after Andersen was taken out (thankfully not out long, or you could have kissed the Leafs' season goodbye). In that game he and Ceci struggled, blowing a 3-1 lead and losing ground in the division. After Hutch tripped on nothing and had a hard time picking up his stick, he let up a GWG to the Rangers, and enough was enough for Dubas and the Leafs. They acquired G Jack Campbell (who's looked solid through 2 starts) and F Kyle Clifford (depth, strong veteran) in exchange for F Trevor Moore (LA Native, was expendable with Leafs' offensive depth) and picks. Matthews (can he keep up with Ovi? Probably not, but let's enjoy the ride) and the Leafs will look to get back in the win colum on Tuesday vs Arizona.
13 (12.07) Vancouver Canucks -7 30-21-5 0-3-0 If the Canucks had simply ended their road trip with a couple losses, people wouldn’t mind. But losing at home against the Flames after a week and whatever on the road hurts. It hurts bad. So bad that Boeser is out for a few days. So bad that someone brought up Gudbranson. And so Canucks fans continue to revel in teenage angst whenever they are reminded this is a bubble team. Next week, the Sedins’ jerseys will be lifted while the team is at its highest point percentage in half a decade.
14 (12.97) Edmonton Oilers -4 29-20-6 1-2-0 Apparently, I cannot stop jinxing this team. The Oilers say an incredibly bad stretch of play for 7 straight periods before they got their shit in order to beat the Preds. Unfortunately, this meant regulation losses to the Yotes and the Sharks in some poor effort games. The absence of Neal is starting to show on the powerplay and the effectiveness of the first line. It's either McDavid rush leading to a goal or almost nothing for 5-on-5 play. The second line has slowed a touch too, but Draisaitl is chugging along just fine. Again, effort seems to be the missing variable for the last week. Tippett is unhappy with that too, so look for things to not remain this way for too long. Fortunately, the Pacific has a whole (except the Sharks and Ducks) shit the bed this week, so things are still within reach. If we can pick wins this week against the Hawks, Lightning, Panthers and Canes; we can create some separation, but all these teams are good and won't make it easy. Shout out to Smith for picking up his 600th c
15 (14.45) Florida Panthers - 29-19-6 1-2-1 This was the ugliest hockey the Panthers have played all season. The effort wasn't there and they didn't look ready to play. Surprisingly enough, the only one that showed up was Bob and he showed up big for some games. Overall, this week was like Mike Ricci, not pretty to look at, but still quite good.
16 (16.03) Vegas Golden Knights - 28-21-8 1-1-1 Despite Vegas recent good play, the 3rd period collapse against the Hurricanes showed the team still has a lot to work on. Hopefully William Karlsson's return will help the team's dismal power play and questionable penalty kill. But overall the team has played great and has controlled the puck more often than not since the break. Fleury's play is starting to be a concern for some fans as he has not played to his standards of late.
17 (17.31) Calgary Flames - 28-22-6 1-2-0
18 (17.62) Winnipeg Jets 1 29-23-5 3-0-1
19 (18.34) Montreal Canadiens 4 27-23-7 3-0-0 3 straight wins kept us alive, but none of those wins were easy (even the Leafs!) With the trade deadline coming up and 4 big games next week (including visits to BOS and PIT), you get the sense the whole season is riding on this moment. Price is playing like his best games might be in the days ahead, and we've given the keys to Suzuki and it looks like the kid can drive. Hopefully, after the fever finally breaks, we might even have a (mostly) healthy roster! Knock on wood, over and over. Let's go, boys! Anything can happen, really. But one thing is certain: if the Habs end up making the playoffs somehow, it's because Kovalchuk is a Hart trophy candidate. Do you believe? (don't answer that...) GO HABS GO!
20 (20.24) Nashville Predators 1 26-21-7 2-1-0 Have the Preds turned a corner? Are they going to drag us along all the way to the final game of the season asking that question?
21 (20.45) Arizona Coyotes -3 26-23-8 1-2-0 At this point, the Coyotes can't decide if they want to win the division or go golfing in early April. An outstanding performance against Edmonton was the shining moment of the week while they put together a couple tough losses against the Bruins and Hurricanes. If this team wants to make a run, they need to start finding the back of the net or they'll be missing out of the playoffs altogether.
22 (21.45) New York Rangers - 27-23-4 2-2-0 Interesting week for sure. We opened with a not-so-fun game against the Stars that we lost 5-3. Next we moved on to a much more fun game against the Leafs, which we won 5-3. Next we played about 15 minutes of hockey against the Sabres, going down 3-0 until we scored twice in the last three minutes, but that was way too late. To end the week we played a very good game against the Kings. We maintained a 1-0 lead until the third period, where Kakko (!), Panarin, and DeAngelo scored and we went on to win 4-1. Shesty has continued to look great and Chytil and Kakko are looking great. Bread, Zibby, and Kreider have all looked fantastic this week as well. Hopefully we can put together a few wins before the deadline, when I expect us to sell off a few players and play a little worse. But until then, let's keep playing hard, boys. LGR!
23 (21.72) Minnesota Wild 2 26-23-6 3-1-0 All of a sudden it makes sense that Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts, was a Minnesotan. Wild fans are Charlie Brown and this team is Lucy, just continuously pulling the ball away from us. Every time we're convinced that they're going to tank, they turn around and dominate games. Meanwhile Bruce Boudreau is still doing his darndest to coach this group but his yells are just being perceived as garbled trombone noises. Eventually the Wild faithful are gonna square up and kick that ball for once, but knowing the luck of the Minnesota sports fan the kick will be pushed wide to the left.
24 (22.24) Chicago Blackhawks -4 25-22-8 0-1-2 The Blackhawks struggled to put together a full 60-minute effort this week. After poor starts against Minnesota and Boston, they managed to get a point by forcing overtime. However, after a great start against Winnipeg last night, they fell apart. Toews earned his 800th point. The PK has been good, while the PP has floundered. DeBrincat has disappointed this season.
25 (25.41) Buffalo Sabres -1 24-24-8 1-2-1 The long march to .500 has at last come to an end. Getting beat by our very own Ryan Miller to seal the deal just seems right. It's a shame he likely won't win the cup, and I really mean that. In other news, Jason Botterill has to feel the burning stare of the collective fanbase as he does nothing while we watch this season burst into flame and come crashing down as the Hindenburg once did. And no, calling up Amerks isn't good enough anymore. I feel bad for Jack.
26 (25.72) San Jose Sharks 1 24-27-4 2-0-0 Not a bad week for the Sharks, considering the injuries we have right now. I accepted that we're not making the playoffs a couple weeks ago, so I've been watching the games with a more forward looking mindset. The future is gonna suck. Our top players looked better this week than they have most of the season, which was thankfully enough to grab 2 wins against good division rivals. It'll be interesting watching the Sharks play with a significant number of AHLers, I can't remember the last time we had this many big injuries destroy our centre depth. Hopefully the playing time helps the young players develop, and next year they can play well in depth roles once Hertl and Couture are back. Aaron Dell is also looking more and more like his old self under Nabokov, now we just have to hope for the same to happen with Jones.
27 (26.07) Anaheim Ducks -1 24-26-6 2-0-2 Ducks look to have turned a corner away from embracing the tank and into tweening from tanking to competing for 5th in the division. Will be boring at the trade deadline but who knows?
28 (27.83) New Jersey Devils 1 20-24-10 2-0-1 What a fucking week. Next up is 2 hopefully winnable matches and 2 metro games. We'll have to wait and see how this next week goes, but the Blake Coleman hype train is in full swing CHOO CHOO BITCHES. The Good: All hail our lord and savior Mackenzie Blackwood. Shut out in back to back games against the Kings and Flyers stopping 83 in total. Coleman, Wood, Palms, and Bratt all putting up decent points. Oh and we did all this without Vatanen or Nico. The Bad: Nothing that really pertains to this week specifically. Hard to argue with 2 shutouts and 8 goals for. The Ugly: "Yeah, maybe I shouldn't get teeth." MacBlack no baby please you so beautiful but damn does missing 4 front teeth detract from that a little.
29 (29) Ottawa Senators -1 18-26-11 0-2-1
30 (29.55) Los Angeles Kings - 19-33-5 0-4-0 I feel like I'm putting in more effort into power rankings than the Kings are putting in on the ice. AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING. A beautiful 0-4 week, and a 'big' trade: Kyle Clifford and Soupy (Campbell) for Trever (who spells Trevor like that?) Moore and a pair of third-round players who will fade out of the NHL faster than that model who tried to blackmail Jaromir Jagr. It's been a rough week-scratch that- rough season.
31 (30.69) Detroit Red Wings 0 14-39-4 2-2-0 Nothing can make you forget about a tank like the sweet SWEET victory over a rival and especially one that plays in your division, is an O6 team, and is first in the league. Sure the Bruins had only 16 hours of rest and sure they didnt have their best outing. In a season of so much frustration and despair, clinging onto something as simple as a 5-0 record against Montreal and Boston can make you feel so good for at least one day over this nine month adventure that is the Yzerplan tank. Tell me Red Wings fans, did you not have a pep in your step Sunday afternoon after that W?
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2019.07.28 19:37 The_DMcI123 I made a list of every crime committed in The Office and it only took seven months

Below I’ve listed every law that was broken in The Office (from destruction of property and battery to homicide and kidnapping) whether legal action was taken or not, as well as ideas that people had that were illegal; I’m not a legal expert, I just have a lot of much free time (I labeled the episodes the same way that Netflix does.)
S1E3: Dwight claims that multiple people in the office forged medical forms for their health insurance plans
S1E6: Michael claims that Dunder Mifflin employees in the 80’s constantly used cocaine
S2E1: Pam, Kelly, and Phyllis reveal that there is something written on the women’s bathroom wall, later Pam reveals to Jim that she was the one who wrote it; people throw food at Michael (would fall under battery)
S2E2: Packer reveals that he’s been convicted of a DUI
S2E3: Dwight reveals that sometimes teenagers use his farm for sex (depending on their ages, this may be illegal as the Pennsylvania age of consent is sixteen)
S2E6: Dwight punches Michael in the stomach twice with considerable force (Michael does bait him into doing it though)
S2E8: Jim punctures a hole in Dwight’s “fitness orb” with a pair of scissors; it is implied that a former accountant killed himself; Dwight reveals that he made a copy of Michael’s key to the office
S2E10: Meredith flashes Michael in his office
S2E11: Michael tells everyone on the cruise that the ship is sinking when there’s no danger (creating a false panic is illegal in most cases)
S2E12: Dwight crashes his car into a telephone pole outside of the office and leaves his bumper in the street
S2E14: Michael says that Packer once held a man’s head into a toilet; it is also implied that Packer was the one who defecated in Michael’s office
S2E15: Michael causes lots of damage in the warehouse by improperly using the lift (he also doesn’t have a license to operate it)
S2E16: Michael jaywalks (technically illegal though typically not enforced); Michael comments that someone was pooping in a cardboard box in the subway
S2E17: Dwight tackles Ryan, Creed, and Stanley to the ground
S2E19: Michael finds out that he’s involved in a pyramid scheme
S2E20: Dwight finds a joint in the parking lot (Pennsylvania didn’t make steps to decriminalize marijuana until 2014); Michael believes he unknowingly smoked marijuana at a concert; Dwight gives Michael some of his urine so that he can pass a drug test
S2E21: Creed faces sideways after his company photo is taken, implying that he’s been arrested in the past
S2E22: Creed steals casino chips and also admits to stealing things all of the time; Dwight kisses Angela and she hits him in response (though it seems like both parties were okay with the outcome)
S3E1: Roy reveals that he was arrested for drunk driving
S3E4: Creed reveals that the reason Ed Truck got decapitated was because he was driving drunk (though this was never confirmed and Creed tends to lie); the bird funeral is lit on fire (probably illegal as they did not have a permit and it was mainly paper and not wood)
S3E5: Ryan and Dwight egg the front of Axelrod Ltd’s building
S3E6: Jim rides his bike drunk (believe it or not, this is actually illegal)
S3E7: Creed sells office equipment
S3E8: Andy steals a computer from the Stamford office; after poking holes in everyone’s tires, Michael claims it was Vance Refrigeration workers that did it
S3E9: It is revealed that Martin went to jail for insider trading; Kevin admits that insider trading sounds a lot like what he does as well
S3E10: Creed removes a present from the charity box (removing uncollected items from charity drives is theft); Pam reveals that she has been sending fake letters from the CIA to Dwight, Jim later gets involved (illegal to pass yourself off as a CIA agent)
S3E13: Andy punches a hole through the wall
S3E16: Michael reveals that his eighth grade teacher hooked up with at least thirteen students; Dwight reveals that he hunted a werewolf as a child, but it’s more likely that he killed his neighbor’s dog; Dwight traps a bat in a bag over Meredith’s head
S3E17: Creed reveals that he has a side business where he makes fake IDs for teens; Creed also reveals that he stole a laminating machine from the sheriff’s station; Dwight accidentally damages David’s roof while inspecting the chimney; Roy and his brother destroy multiple objects in a bar including a mirror, a chair, and multiple glasses (Roy’s brother later reveals that he paid off the bar owner to not call the cops on them)
S3E18: Roy attempts to assault Jim in the office after finding out he kissed Pam; Dwight uses pepper spray on Roy when he attempts to assault Jim (this was done defense of Jim however); Jim reveals that Dwight has weapons such as nunchucks and throwing stars hidden in the office; Dwight uses pepper spray against Andy; Dwight is found to have more weapons hidden in his desk such as brass knuckles, a police baton, and a taser
S3E19: Darryl reveals that Michael once kicked a ladder out from under him and caused him to break his ankle; Michael accidentally smashes a watermelon on the roof of someone’s car; Michael tries to convince the office that he’s going to commit suicide
S3E20: A former Dunder Mifflin employee from the paper mill put a watermark of two cartoon animals having sex on about five-hundred boxes-worth of paper; Creed frames Debbie Brown from the paper mill for not catching the watermark on the paper, which results in her termination; it was revealed that Andy was unknowingly dating a high schooler (only illegal if they had sexual contact); Andy reveals that he and his high school girlfriend knocked over a mailbox with her friends
S3E21: Phyllis claims that she was flashed by a man in the parking lot; when Jim calls the police to report the flasher, he says that the police have already gotten three calls; Creed implies that he has flashed people in the past; Jan offers Michael money in return for him driving to New York and having sex (it is illegal to accept or pay money for sex, even if the other person is not a prostitute); Meredith throws her trash out of her car window onto the street while also driving recklessly; while parking her car, Meredith scrapes another car; Creed reveals that he uses the women’s bathroom for bowel movements and has “paid dearly” for it in the past; Dwight and Andy put up barbed wire on the parking lot fence of the office (using barbed wire is typically illegal if the fence is adjacent to a public street)
S3E22: Michael lights a bonfire on the beach (he likely did not have a fire permit)
S3E23: Jim and Karen sneak into a theater to see the second half of Spamalot (would technically burglary, believe it or not, since they snuck in with the intent of stealing services); Jan claims that the reason she is being fired from Dunder Mifflin is because of her breast implants (though David says it is because of her work ethic)
S4E1: Michael hits Meredith with his car and fractures her pelvis; Dwight attempts to mercy kill Angela’s cat by trapping it in her freezer
S4E2: Michael claims that when he was a child, he had a foreign exchange student living with him that stole all of his blue jeans when he went back to his home country; Kelly tells Ryan that she is pregnant with his child in an attempt to get him to go on a date with her (this could fall under intentional infliction of emotional distress)
S4E3: Michael and Dwight detain the pizza deliveryman in the office conference room; Dwight reveals that the pizza deliveryman steals hemp from his farm; Andy reveals that he stole the ice sculpture he brought to the party; Michael and Dwight steal a tray of sushi and some accessories from a restaurant
S4E4: Dwight admits that the permits on the bed and breakfast side of Schrute Farms are still pending even though he is actively taking customers; Creed reveals that he has a second identity that he transfers his debt to; Michael and Jan are likely trespassing while they are sitting on the stationed train
S4E6: Dwight attempts to create molotov cocktails to throw in the Utica office; Michael drives recklessly on the highway; while stealing the Utica branch’s industrial copier, Michael and Dwight break it; Dwight reveals more weapons that he has in the office, including a pack of knives, a pair of sai, a sword, and a blowdart (having these weapons in the open is not illegal, but concealing them is)
S4E8: Michael purgers himself during Jan’s deposition
S4E9: Jan throws a Dundie at Michael’s TV and breaks it
S4E10: It is revealed that the model from Micahel’s chair catalog died in a car accident (Dwight says that she was stoned at the time and crashed into the side of an airplane hanger)
S4E11: Ryan states that the Dunder Mifflin website was infiltrated by sexual predators (only illegal if they used it to transmit child pornography or arrange meetings with minors with the intent of sexual contact); it is heavily implied that Ryan and his friend Troy are under the influence of cocaine
S4E12: Michael places his face in wet cement outside of the office (would be considered destruction of property)
S4E13: Andy drives a golf cart recklessly and ends up destroying its roof (and potentially the cart as well)
S4E14: Jim sets up Dwight’s cell and work phones to go to his Bluetooth and pretends to be him when clients call (could fall under criminal impersonation); Ryan commits fraud by having people re-record sales and is arrested for it; Dwight, Meredith, and Mose release a raccoon into Holly’s car (only illegal if it does damage to her car)
S5E1: Phyllis blackmails Angela by threatening to reveal Angela and Dwight’s affair unless she lets Phyllis run the Party Planning Committee
S5E3: Kelly reveals that she downloads pirated music onto her work computer, to which Michael responds, “who hasn’t”; Meredith reveals that she’s been sleeping with a supplier in exchange for discounts on supplies and Outback Steakhouse gift certificates (could fall under the scope of prostitution); Michael threatens to kill everyone if they don’t go to the conference room
S5E4: Dwight tries to destroy Jan’s $1,200 stroller
S5E5: The office is robbed after Michael and Holly forget to lock the office’s front door; Creed implies that he made the last person who stole from him disappear, and that he stole the identity Creed Bratton from them
S5E7: Kelly falsifies customer surveys regarding Jim and Dwight
S5E9: Michael attempts to purchase marijuana from two Vance Refrigeration workers, and they trick him into buying a salad in a bag rather than drugs (intent to purchase illegal drugs is illegal, and so is selling counterfeit drugs); Michael and Dwight attempt to frame Toby with drug trafficking and possession of marijuana; when the cops arrive, Creed becomes incredibly worried that he’ll be arrested, implying that he either has drugs in the office, or is a drug dealer
S5E10: Dwight tricks Angela into marrying him (this would be considered fraudulently inducing someone into marriage)
S5E11: Creed is seen smoking out of a pipe likely containing kif, which has cannabis in it; Creed says that he can get fire permits very quickly, implying that they are possibly fake; Michael forces Meredith into going to a rehab facility (technically falls under the definition of kidnapping)
S5E12: Jim uncovers more weapons that Dwight has hidden throughout the office; Andy pins Dwight against a fence with his car, Dwight dents Andy’s car
S5E13: Jim connects a red wire to Dwight’s computer which leads outside to the top of the power pole (would qualify as vandalism to the pole); Michael and Dwight attempt to learn information about a competitor under the guise of a potential customer and potential employee (could be considered corporate espionage, but I couldn’t find any specifics)
S5E14: Dwight induces panic law by simulating a fire in the office, he additionally damages multiple doors and cuts the phone wires; during the fire drill, multiple office employees damage items in the office including ceiling tiles, the copier machine, and the vending machine; Dwight reveals that he is planning a bomb scare; Dwight is shown to have a hunting knife strapped to his ankle, and he uses this knife to cut apart the CPR dummy (though corporate payed for the damages to the dummy); Andy, Jim, and Pam watch a pirated film
S5E15: Dwight buys cookies from Toby in exchange for him signing a form (quid pro quo on this is illegal); Dwight attempts to have his coworkers sign his form under the guise of it being a sign-in sheet; Michael throws full slices of bread on the ground to feed pigeons (it was winter and there were no birds, so this could be considered littering)
S5E16: Jim cuts the cord that connects Michael’s phone to the office’s PA system; Dwight finds out that Kelly went to juvenile detention when she was younger; Creed gives Jim a $3 bill (counterfeit money is illegal)
S5E17: Creed says he knows where to buy a kid for $7,000; it’s revealed that the reason Kelly was in juvenile detention was because she stole her boyfriend’s father’s boat; Michael cuts off a sleeve from Holly’s sweater; Michael also takes a file off of Holly’s computer (would be classified as unauthorized computer access)
S5E18: Phyllis and Bob have sex in a restaurant bathroom (this is technically public sex which is a misdemeanor); Creed steals a bag of blood from the blood drive
S5E19: Dwight slaps Michael; Jim slaps Dwight
S5E20: Dwight pretends to have kidnapped David’s son
S5E21: Michael sneaks back into the office after being asked to leave (technically trespassing as it is private property and he was escorted out of the building)
S5E22: Michael breaks his condominium agreement by having the Michael Scott Paper Company located within his condo (though the owner only sent a warning that he needed to stop); Ryan steals three pairs of bowling shoes before he quits the bowling alley; Michael asks Billy to sell him a ‘secret office space’ off of the books within the Scranton Business Park
S5E23: Dwight claims that a woman named Haddie McGonagle was murdered in the Dunder Mifflin office space in 1816 (though he probably made this up)
S5E24: Dwight steals supplies and files from the Michael Scott Paper Company’s office
S5E26: While fixing her dress, Meredith accidentally reveals one of her breasts, as well as her crotch and her backside (was accidental, but could be considered public indecency)
S5E27: Dwight cuts open the back of Phyllis’ blouse so he can give her a massage; Creed reveals that he doesn’t have any mirrors in his car that let him see behind the car (in Pennsylvania, it is illegal to drive without at least one mirror that lets you see behind the car)
S5E28: Dwight’s friend Rolph once inquired about shoes that increased speed and didn’t leave any tracks, implying that he was going to commit a crime
S6E1: Stanley wrecks Michael’s car with a tire iron
S6E2: Dwight and Toby accidentally crash into a few trash cans outside Darryl’s house; Dwight uncovers that the real cause of Darryl’s injury was from misuse of company equipment
S6E4: Michael ties full beer cans to the back of his car which left debris all over the road; Dwight implies that Mose is going to be castrating horses (only legal if Mose has a veterinary license, which is unlikely); Dwight also claims that he has a device which can make hamburgers out of horse meat without killing the horse (likely animal cruelty)
S6E5: The Niagara Falls hotel staff incinerated Kevin’s shoes (they claim they did it because it was a safety issue); Dwight gifts a turtle to Jim and Pam for their wedding and appears to not have made any holes in the box (likely animal cruelty); Dwight accidentally kicks Isabel in the face while dancing
S6E6: While answering Jim’s phone, Kevin pretends to be Jim and accidentally cancels his credit cards
S6E7: Dwight secretly records the conversations in Jim’s office (Pennsylvania has a two-party consent law which means that all parties in the conversations must consent to being recorded); Andy talks about a 60 Minutes segment that went into working conditions of a paper mill in Peru (the 60 Minutes segment likely went into illegal conditions within the mill)
S6E8: Meredith reveals that she has had sex with a known terrorist; while writing down things that people don’t want to be made fun of for, Creed says that if he writes his down, he cannot be charged for it; a custodian reveals that when Michael fell into the koi pond, he accidentally killed one of the fish
S6E9: Ryan shows Erin a topless photo of Kelly in the office (could be considered indecent exposure since it was in a public space within the office); Creed implies that a shipping order was never supposed to reach it’s location, possibly indicating that he stole a shipment
S6E10: Creed flees the office when Michael tells him that there was a murder and that he was a suspect, implying that he may be involved in a murder
S6E12: Dwight secretly records a phone call between Jim and David
S6E13: As part of Secret Santa, Andy gives Erin the Twelve Days of Christmas, inadvertently resulting in physical injury to her and potentially her home and car; Creed implies that he’s done “evil” things; Michael says that he has often claimed to be David’s childrens’ pediatrician to get him on the phone
S6E16: Andy accidentally gives Meredith a large paper cut on her throat; Ryan implies to Dwight that they should torture Jim
S6E17: While escorting Jim and Pam to the hospital, Dwight puts a police light on the top of his car; Michael uses his phone to text and make a call while driving; when being pulled over, Dwight throws multiple large weapons out his window; Michael parks in an ambulance-only parking spot
S6E18: Dwight breaks a window to enter Jim and Pam’s home; after breaking in, Dwight discovers mold in their home and destroys walls and cabinets with a crew of workers so he can refurbish their kitchen; Jim comments that he had five parking tickets on his windshield
S6E20: Creed tries to act casual when Michael announces that the lost and found has gone missing, implying he may have stolen it; Andy aggressively tries to take a pen from Darryl (could be considered battery); Dwight strangles Kevin in an attempt to get information from him; Michael and Dwight, and then later Andy and Erin, walk around the Scranton dump (would be considered trespassing); Michael and Dwight throw large pieces of garbage at each other; Michael and Dwight take two chairs from the dump
S6E21: Phyllis claims she likes getting men to flirt with her so that Bob will beat them up; Michael accidentally damages multiple objects while being reckless at the bar; Dwight breaks his contract with Angela (unsure as to whether a lawyer was involved with the first contract, but Angela served Dwight with a summons for breaking it, leading me to believe it was legitimate); Hide admits that he killed a Yakuza boss on purpose and then came to America illegally
S6E22: Meredith steals and uses Pam’s breast pump
S6E24: Michael hires Dwight to follow Donna around to see if she’s cheating on him (following someone isn’t illega, but it could be considered stalking or harassment); Creed implies that he’s committed crimes for low levels of reward; Michael says he’s going to kill the guy who’s kissing Donna in her Facebook photo (though he immediately takes it back)
S6E25: Michael keeps throwing out radon kits that Toby put around the office; Michael once again claims that he would kill Toby; Dwight claims that his money is buried underneath someone (though we don’t know if this is a grave or a buried corpse); Dwight and Angela’s lawyer comments that their sex contract is dangerously close to prostitution and illegal
S7E1: Dwight tears the head off of Phyllis’ teddy bear and pulls a knife on Jim; Meredith breaks into Michael’s nephew’s car; Michael spanks his nephew
S7E2: Dwight attempts to open a daycare center that is absolutely not up to safety codes; Toby allows Michael to forge his counseling paperwork
S7E4: Dwight is shown attempting to pick up what would appear to be illegal immigrants for day labour and then instead of paying them, has Mose pretend to be an INS agent, kidnaps the workers, and then drops them off in Harrisburg; Holly claims that multiple people died in a traffic accident (though it’s incredibly likely that she was kidding); Michael takes an incredibly quick turn without his turn signal on
S7E5: Michael, Dwight, and Jim secretly watch Danny’s meeting with Meredith through hidden cameras (only illegal if they are recording the footage)
S7E7: Angela steals all of the scones from Cece’s christening (though they were for public consumption so it probably wouldn’t constitute as theft)
S7E8: The Scranton Strangler leads police on a high speed pursuit; Michael tells Pam that he has a loaded gun hidden in his desk at the office; Michael cuts the cable going to Gabe’s apartment
S7E10: Erin floats the idea of hiring a new employee, killing them, and then cashing in on the life insurance policy; Dwight and Phyllis float the idea of bombing China; Pam accuses Dwight of breaking property code laws
S7E11: Dwight and Jim keep throwing snowballs at each other with force, and some that contained pebbles (snowball fights themselves aren’t illegal, but it’s illegal in most places to throw objects which could be considered missiles, and Jim is also shown with what appears to be blood on his clothes afterwards); Dwight asks Toby is he’s on the jury for the middle school teacher who tried to turn a foreign exchange student into a sex slave; Meredith asks Toby if it’s the case with the postman who rubbed his genitals on deliveries; Michael throws out supplies and food meant for the Christmas party; Dwight is shown dragging the Christmas tree out of the office to throw it out; one of the snowballs that Jim lobs at Dwight breaks a window; Michael throws Holly’s Woody doll into the trash and pours coffee on it
S7E12: Jim stabs a few snowmen with his umbrella hoping that Dwight is hiding in one of them
S7E13: Michael claims that regardless if Holly gets engaged or not, he will probably either attack people in rage or burn the building down in happiness
S7E15: Michael leaves without paying at the Chinese restaurant; Creed is also listed on the wall of diners who did not pay for their meal
S7E17: Michael most likely did not have permits to film in some of the locations featured in Threat Level Midnight; multiple characters in Michael’s film are seen using guns (you do not need a permit to have a gun in your home or business place in Pennsylvania, but multiple characters concealed their weapons during the film, though the guns are likely fake); a mannequin of Toby is blown up during Michael’s film (depending on the type of explosive used, certification may be required); during the hockey scene of the film, Michael comments that it was filmed during an actual Scranton High hockey game (could be seen as defiant trespassing and/or disorderly conduct)
S7E18: Packer humps Michael and Dwight while they’re underneath a desk; Dwight throws away Holly’s zen garden; Dwight offers Packer a hot chocolate laced with many laxatives (depending on the amount, it could be considered assault or even homicide since extreme dehydration could kill someone); Andy purposely does damage to his computer’s keyboard and hard drive; Andy and Pam slightly damage Andy’s new computer; Jim and Dwight pretend to be Sabre employees and tell Packer he can jump the gate at Jo’s house
S7E19: Ryan uses Phyllis and Oscar’s faces on his mom’s pesto and salsa recipes (would fall under right of publicity laws); Ryan adds a Kosher certification onto his mom’s pesto recipe (against FDA regulations); Michael pours gasoline all over the parking lot; Michael wants to steal a corpse from a medical school to use in his proposal to Holly
S7E20: Michael eggs Toby’s house; Kevin colors on a restaurant tablecloth with crayons; Ryan admits to have done drugs in the past
S7E21: Gabe confronts Andy and threatens him to stay away from Erin (could be considered criminal threatening); Deangelo claims that he caught the person who stole one of Jo’s dogs
S7E24: Dwight accidentally fires his gun through the floor; Meredith claims that during the shooting she lost her necklace, a ring, and a painting and will be reporting it to the insurance company; Ryan claims that Dwight’s accident felt like an act of terrorism; Pam claims that Dwight has hidden more weapons in the office
S7E25: Creed parks his car in the middle of the parking lot
S7E26: Dwight admits that he would have created a fake identity for his character of Jacques Souvenier if Jo had hired him as manager
S8E1: Dwight uses a fire extinguisher to knock Meredith off of the top of a bathroom stall, drops a ream of paper on a warehouse employee’s head to get him off a table, and flips a table over to get Toby off of it; Dwight throws Jim’s phone against the wall with force and a shatter is heard; Dwight instigates a fight between nearly everyone in the office
S8E2: Andy says he will streak across the parking lot if the office accrues enough points
S8E3: Dwight pours his drink on the inside of someone’s car; Oscar smashes the car’s window and brake light with a crowbar; Dwight drives the baler through the warehouse wall; Erin and Kevin spread grease all over the warehouse floor; Dwight, Jim, Erin, and Kevin damage multiple boxes of paper
S8E4: Dunder Mifflin billboards across town are shown to be vandalized; Mose crashes Toby’s car into a corn field; Mose very tightly lines up everyone’s cars so that he can run across the roofs (he likely made scratches and dents while planning and executing this plan)
S8E5: Dwight is shown to have brought many weapons into the office in the past as part of Halloween costumes and threatened to kill Toby with them (though the weapons were never concealed and Toby usually confiscated them before he entered the office
S8E6: Oscar stated in an email that he believes that Robert has strangled at least one stripper; Kelly states in an email that they should kill Robert; Dwight’s accountability booster is dangerously close to a form of blackmail; Gabe says that he is going to go to a cemetery and drink (it’s actually illegal to drink in most cemeteries); Pam stops Kevin from hitting Dwight over the head with a frying pan; Jim takes Robert’s phone and attempts to deletes an email (technically illegal to use someone’s phone without their permission)
S8E7: Dwight repeatedly grabs Jim’s crotch
S8E8: A Civil War informational video reveals that the soldiers from Schrute Farm were soldiers that went AWOL
S8E9: When Dwight suggests that everyone in the office is in a suicide cult, Creed strongly denies it, implying that he probably is in one; Jim leaves his car running and unattended in the middle of the parking lot
S8E10: Dwight punches Jim in the arm; Erin asks Andy for Jessica to die; Meredith threatens to drive drunk if Andy doesn’t drive her home; Meredith rides in the back of her van without a seatbelt on
S8E11: Andy asks Oscar to add $800 to their quarterly sales, implying it could be seen as a rounding error; Kevin offers to make that rounding error for Andy
S8E12: Jim drives over Robert’s lawn and breaks his mailbox
S8E15: Jim creates a fake murder scene in his hotel room for Dwight which involved stained towels, knocked over and possibly broken furniture, a writing on the door; Dwight threatens to light Jim’s face on fire; Dwight leaves the hospital with his IV solution bag, which implies he likely didn’t pay for his visit before leaving
S8E16: Gabe sprays an inhaler into Packer’s drink; Dwight damages his hotel room keycard; Dwight sprays a compound of chemicals in Jim’s hotel room creating what he claims is a biohazard
S8E17: Multiple homeless people are sleeping on the sidewalk outside the Sabre store (it’s usually only illegal for homeless individuals to sleep on the sidewalk if a shelter is available); Dwight tells Packer that he should act like a sexual predator when talking to the female teenage customers; a group of children throw pinecones at Andy and Pam, and one of them punches Andy in the face resulting in a black eye; Creed strikes the back of Meredith’s head; Ryan calls his uncle to get a prescription for Ritalin; Kelly attacks Toby and then accidentally elbows Andy in the face
S8E18: Dwight leaves a treasure chest in the office which fires a poisoned dart upwards at whomever opens it; Jim and Dwight tackle and punch each other; Kevin forcibly kisses Meredith
S8E19: Darryl drags Dwight out of his office by his hair; Andy tosses a container of eggplant parmesan onto the street; Andy leaves his car unattended in the middle of an intersection
S8E20: Dwight offers to hit Nellie with a candlestick; Jessica’s friends throw food at Andy’s car
S8E21: Andy smashes the frame holding a picture of Nellie; Andy punches another hole into the wall
S8E22: Andy loiters at the office parking lot
S8E23: Dwight and Jim create a fake identity to work around the commission cap (Dwight even admits that it’s extremely similar to embezzlement or fraud); Harry threatens to choke out Toby; Dwight tells Jim he should dent the hood of Harry’s car or slash the tires; Dwight attempts to activate the elevator’s seismic failsafes to stop the elevator; Pam steals Nellie’s phone and deletes all of her voicemails (technically illegal to use someone’s phone without their permission); Andy tells Robert if he doesn’t hire him back, he will give Prestige Direct Mail Solutions’ business to a competitor (technically blackmail)
S8E24: Kevin and Robert accidentally head butt each other; Andy mops the carpets, likely damaging them; Dwight steals Philip’s used diaper so he can have a paternity test done (this is called gene theft); Angela and Dwight both speed and drive recklessly; Angela hits Mose multiple times; Dwight and Mose both leave their cars unattended in the middle of the street; Robert forcibly kisses Andy; Dwight forces himself on Angela (though seconds later she is a willing participant)
S9E1: Andy threatens to make up a reason to fire Nellie (since Toby is aware of this, if Nellie were to sue Andy, Toby would have to testify against him); Andy purposely pushes Nellie off of the slack-lining rope; Dwight deconstructs Dunder Mifflin equipment to create his trapeze set; Dwight gets stuck on the slack-line and the fire department has to come to get him down; Andy places all of the recycling bins near Nellie and has people throw their trash at her
S9E2: While the building’s janitor is on vacation, the building becomes incredibly dirty to the point where rats can be seen (likely against multiple health codes); Nellie forces Dwight into a situation where he has to chop off her hand (though he doesn’t go through with it)
S9E3: Nellie drives recklessly; Nellie uses her phone while driving
S9E4: Dwight and Toby find EMF hotspots in the office which could imply that there’s poor wiring in the building (depending on how bad the wiring actually is, this could actually break laws); Stanley threatens to spank Clark; Dwight drives the work bus (depending on the type of bus it was, Dwight would need a certain license to drive it); Phyllis asks someone to just start driving the bus while Dwight is on the roof; Dwight drops himself through the rooftop emergency exit on the bus onto Jim; Dwight drives the bus recklessly
S9E5: Creed comes into the office with blood stains all over his clothes (it likely was not his blood, so he may have harmed someone); Andy reveals he had sex with a snowman while at Cornell (would fall under public indecency); Dwight catches Meredith in a net and causes her to fall to the floor
S9E6: Kevin leaves his car in the middle of the parking lot so he can run to the bathroom; Oscar forges documents to make it looks like Kevin has been taking money from Dunder Mifflin; Nellie, Jim, Pam, and Darryl create a situation where Dwight believes that police have surrounded David’s house; Pete’s friend Flipper once drunkenly flipped a table over at a bar
S9E7: Dwight claims he used to have a barber who fought dogs and made dogs fight each other; Clark is used as leverage by Dwight to get Jan’s business (this trade would be dangerously close to prostitution)
S9E8: Dwight reveals that Trevor has had numerous guns stolen from him; Angela hires Trevor to murder Oscar; Dwight claims he has left poop in a paper bag on people’s porches (would be classified as vandalism); Trevor claims that people have left poop in a bag on his porch multiple times; Angela asks Trevor to break Oscar’s kneecaps instead; Trevor brings a concealed weapon into the office; Phyllis taps a stranger on the back with the sharp end of a knife; Phyllis forcibly removes a decorative wine bottle from its base; Angela kicks Oscar in the shin
S9E9: Dwight hits Oscar and Jim with a stick; Darryl collapses on a table and breaks it in half
S9E10: Dwight throws his coffee cup up in the air, likely staining the carpet; Dwight sprays a disinfectant in Erin, Pam, Angela, and Meredith’s faces; Erin tackles Stanley; Meredith reveals that one of her exes keyed a bunch of people’s cars; Meredith also reveals that she pooped into an office shredder; Dwight accidentally sets off an insecticidal grenade (I don’t believe there is a real insecticidal grenade but I’m sure there’s some law against either setting one off or doing so with people nearby); Angela hits Oscar in the head with a coffee pot; Kevin misuses one of the warehouse machines and causes it to break; Dwight accidentally sets off another insecticidal grenade in his car (he most likely still drove his car after while experiencing hallucinogenic side effects)
S9E11: Jim is seen driving a motorcycle (Jim likely did not have a motorcycle license); Dwight suggests that Jim should drive 240 miles per hour so he can get to the office faster; Creed steals Phyllis’ ring; Kevin forcibly lifts Angela up multiple times; Darryl misses a basketball hoop and accidentally breaks a wall lamp and electrocutes a fish tank (though Darryl agreed to pay for the damage); multiple people in the office tear up the carpet flooring
S9E12: Dwight rips open a couch cushion with a knife; Dwight drives one of the delivery trucks (he likely does not have a license to drive the truck); Dwight throws a milkshake through the drive-thru window at an employee; a customer in the drive-thru throws a milkshake at Dwight
S9E13: Dwight reveals that Rolf uses hand grenades to fish; Mose is seen running in the middle of the street (could be considered jaywalking); Dwight reveals that when he was a child, he went to a school that was run by a conman; one of Dwight’s friends reveals that the school used the students as labor; Melvina reveals that she’s been double parked for about two hours; Dwight gives the sales rep applicants Jim’s home address so they can toilet paper it; Rolf tells Dwight to be weary of any suspicious packages he may get, implying that he’ll be sending him potentially dangerous packages; Dwight attempts to suffocate Clarke
S9E14: Frank vandalizes Pam’s warehouse mural; Angela hits Oscar; Dwight and Pam vandalize Frank’s truck; Frank rushes at Pam with the intent to hit her; Brian hits Frank in the face with his boom mic
S9E15: Meredith suggests that everyone in the office should try cocaine
S9E16: Dwight’s Aunt Shirley slaps Angela; Andy snoops through Erin’s phone; Andy kicks Toby; Angela accidentally sets off the hose on Dwight (the hose likely has the same pressure as a firehose, which is about 150 PSI, so this could be considered assault); Toby leaves the prison wearing a neck brace after visiting the Scranton Stranger, implying the Strangler attempted to strangled him;
S9E17: Dwight throws dirt in the faces of Erin, Phyllis, Kevin, Oscar, Meredith, Angela, Stanley, Pam and Jim; Dwight’s brother Jeb drives his car into Aunt Shirley’s grave; Packer reveals he’s in Narcotics Anonymous, implying he used to use drugs; Dwight reveals that his family members have accidentally buried family members who were thought to be dead but were actually in deep sleep; Dwight unloads a shotgun into his aunt’s corpse; Jeb reveals that he owns a worm farm in California (medical marijuana was not legalized in California until 2018); Packer reveals that the cupcakes he gave out to everyone in the office, as well as to Jim and Darryl were laced with drugs, some legal and some not; Packer is seen having parked his car halfway between a handicapped spot and a do-not-park zone; Clarke reveals that while drugged, he defected in some bushes
S9E18: Dwight dumps a bucket of water onto Phyllis, and is likely the same person who dumped a bucket of water onto Andy as well (technically would be classified as assault); Meredith exposes her breasts in the office; Angela slaps Oscar
S9E19: Dwight shoots Stanley with three tranquilizers meant for a bull (horse tranquilizers can cause serious harm to humans, and a bull tranquilizer likely has a higher dosage); Meredith squirts some of the bull tranquilizer into her drink (probably not illegal since she put it into her own drink, but it would be classified as placing a foreign object into an edible, which is actually a felony); Dwight and Clarke accidentally slam Stanley’s unconscious body into two walls; while sliding down a flight of stairs, Stanley’s unconscious body makes a dent in the wall; Andy kicks over an empty trash can; a man at the talent agency claims that through his dog-cat-mouse act, he goes through a lot of mice (allowing your pet to eat live animals can be considered animal cruelty); Stanley tranquilizes himself so that he doesn’t have to climb the stairs
S9E20: Creed smashes a melon on the warehouse floor; Pam accidentally hits Toby in the eye with a paper airplane; Erin reveals that when she was in the orphanage, she once ripped Susan’s pigtails off of her head; Erin crushes a box of packing peanuts; Clarke asks Pam and Jim to share the drugs he think they’re high on; Angela is seen taking rolls of toilet paper from the office
S9E21: Lackawanna County takes away “two sacks” worth of Angela’s cats because she is violating her apartment complex’s pet rules; Dwight throws his briefcase and hits multiple items; Dwight nearly kicks and punches multiple in the office; Andy asks Toby to falsify files; Andy attempts to grope Toby; Andy dedicates on David’s car (this would be classified as vandalism and public indecency);
S9E22: Dwight reveals that his grandmother was shot by Adolph Coors; Dwight throws the summoning bag against the back of Jim’s head; Casey Dean jumps on the back of the a cappella show host; Meredith spanks Darryl; Dwight is seen driving with his police light on his car; Dwight drives recklessly
S9E23: Dwight reveals that Creed faked his own death; Dwight also reveals that the police are looking for Creed as he sold drugs, trafficked endangered animal meat, and stole weapons-grade LSD from the military; Oscar reveals that Kevin used to make up numbers to balance the books; Mose kidnaps Angela and locks her in his trunk for three hours; Creed changes his identity; Ryan reveals that his partner abandoned him and their child; Ryan purposely gives his son an allergic reaction; Kelly and Ryan abandon his son with Ravi; Nellie takes Ryan’s son as her own child (she didn’t legally adopt him so this would be considered child abduction); Pam attempts to sell their home without Jim’s knowledge (since Jim bought the house as a surprise, his name is likely on the deed as well and Pam wouldn’t be able to sell it without him); Kevin spills alcohol all over a cabinet while filling up glasses
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2019.06.24 04:20 habzsauce Mitch Marner vs Four First Round Draft Picks

With all the Marner talk going on and wether or not an offer sheet is coming, I was curious to see if receiving four 1st round picks would actually be worth it in the long run. I know in theory it sounds like a haul, but I wanted to see just how valuable they can be.
I decided to look at four drafts from 2014-2017. I left out 2018 and 2019 since they were way too fresh and not a lot of guys have cracked the NHL just yet. I also did not include Vegas from the 2017 draft due to not having any drafts prior to.
The list below shows all players for each team that have played at least 25% of games over the course of the last five seasons starting from their draft year (410 games total). So if a player was drafted in 2014, to make the list below he would have to had played 102 games to qualify whereas a guy drafted in 2017 only needed 41 games. I didn’t factor in players that missed time to injury nor did I account for guys that ended up starting their pro careers in Russia/NCAA/etc.
So if a player made the list below, I labeled that as a “successful pick”. The guys that have asterisks are players that did not meet minimum games criteria, however are clearly on the path to becoming full time NHLers (Makar, Juulsen, Fabbro, etc). This part is subjective on my own end, and I probably missed some guys too. Anyways here’s the list below:
2014 Draft : 102 Games Required.
Number of Pick Player (team)
1st Ekblad (FLA)
2nd Reinhart (BUF
3rd Drai (EDM)
4th Bennett (CGY)
6th Virtanen (VAN)
8th Nylander (TOR)
9th Ehlers (WPG)
10th Ritchie (ANA)
11th Fiala (NSH)
12th Perlini (ARI)
13th Vrana (WSH)
15th Larkin (DET)
17th Sanheim (PHI)
18th Tuch (MIN)
19th DeAngelo (TBL)
20th Schmatlz (CHI)
21st Fabbri (STL)
22nd Kappanen (PIT)
24th McCann (VAN)
25th Pasta (BOS)
27th Goldobin (SJS)
29th Kempe (LAK)
2015: 82 Games Required.
Number of Pick Player (team)
1st McJesus (EDM)
2nd Eichel (BUF)
3rd Strome (ARI)
4th Marner (TOR)
5th Hanafin (CAR)
6th Zacha (NJD)
7th Provorov (PHI)
8th Werenski (CBJ)
9th Meier (SJS)
10th Rantanen (COL)
11th Crowse (FLA)
14th DeBrusk (BOS)
16th Barzal (NYI)
17th Connor (WPG)
18th Chabot (OTT)
20th Joel Erikkson EK (MIN)
21st White (OTT)
22nd **Samsanov (WSH)
23rd Boeser (VAN)
24th Konecny (PHI)
25th Roslovic (WPG)
26th **Juulsen (MTL)
28th Beauvillier (NYI)
2016 Draft: 62 Games Required
Number of Pick Player (team)
1st Matthews (TOR)
2nd Laine (WPG)
3rd Dubois (CBJ)
4th Pool Party (EDM)
6th M. Tkachuk (CGY)
7th Keller (ARI)
9th Sergachev (MTL)
10th Jost (COL)
14th Mcavoy (BOS)
15th Kunin (MIN)
16th Chychrun (ARI)
17th **Fabbro (NSH)
20th **Cholowski (DET)
23rd Borgstrom (FLA)
26th Thompson (STL)
27th Howden (TBL)
30th **Steel (ANA)
2017 Draft: 41 Games Required
Number of Pick Player (team)
1st Nico (NJD)
2nd Patrick (PHI)
3rd Heiskanen (DAL)
4th **Makar (COL)
5th Petterson (VAN)
7th Andersson (NYR)
8th Mittelstadt (BUF)
9th Rasmusson (DET)
10th **Tippett (FLA)
11th **Vilardi (LAK)
12th **Necas (CAR)
14th **Foote (TBL)
16th **Valimaki (CGY)
17th **Liligren (TOR)
20th Thomas (STL)
21st Chytill (NYR)
22nd **Yamamoto (EDM)
24th **Vesalainen (WPG)
25th **Poehling (MTL)
26th **Oettinger (DAL)
29th **Jokiharju (CHI)
30th **Tolvanen (NSH)
Here’s a summary of how all the best teams did. I counted how many first round picks each team had, and sorted them by how many they got right. Some interesting outliers show Boston having the most picks over that time period, with seven, and managing to nail three of them. The team with the least amount of picks was Pittsburgh, and was successful (Kappanen). Winnipeg got the most players with five, and Pittsburgh had the least with one.
I only did a player summary for the teams with three or more successful picks. The rest of the teams that finished with two or less I did not go into detail with. Here's the table below:
Team Picks
Winnipeg Jets Five Picks (5/5)
Laine (2nd), Ehlers (9th), Connor (17th), Roslavic (24th), Vesalainen (25th)
Arizona Coyotes Six Picks (4/6)
Strome (3rd), Keller (12th), Chychryn (16th), Perlini (17th)
Philadelphia Fylers Six Picks (4/6)
Patrick (2nd), Provorov (7th), Samheim (17th), Konecny (24th)
Vancouver Canucks Five Picks (4/6)
Petterson (5th), Virtanen (6th), Boeser (23rd), Mccann (24th)
Florida Panthers Four Picks (4/4)
Ekblad (1st), Tippett (10th), Crowse (11th), Borgstrom (23rd)
Edmonton Oilers Four Picks (4/4)
McDavid (1st), Drai (3rd), PoolParty (4th), Yamamoto (22nd)
Toronto Maple Leafs Four Picks (4/4)
Matthews (1st), Marner (4th), Nylander (8th), Liligren (17th)
Boston Bruins Seven Picks (3/7)
DeBrusk (14th), McAvoy (14th), Pasta (25th)
St.Louis Blues Four Picks (3/4)
Thomas (20th), Fabbri (21st), Thompson (26th)
Colorado Avalanche Four Picks (3/4)
Makar (4th), Jost (10th), Rantanen (10th)
Montreal Canadiens Four Picks (3/4)
Sergachev (9th), Poehling (25th), Juulsen (26th)
Calgary Flames Four Picks (3/4)
Bennett (4th), Tkachuk (6th), Valimaki (16th)
Buffalo Sabers Four Picks (3/4)
Eichel (2nd), Reinhart (2nd), Mittelstadt (8th)
Detroit Redwings Four Picks (3/4)
Rasmusson (9th), Larkin (15th), Cholowowski (20th)
Tampa Bay Lightning Three Picks (3/3)
Foote (14th), DeAngelo (19th), Howden (27th)
Nashville Predators Three Picks (3/3)
Fiala (11th), Fabbro (17th), Tolvanen (30th)
Minnesota Wild Three Picks (3/3)
Kunin (15th), Tuch (18th), EK (20th)
Carolina: 2/5
NYI: 2/5
Columbus: 2/4
New Jersey: 2/4
Anaheim: 2/4
Dallas: 2/4
Washington: 2/3
San Jose: 2/3
Chicago: 2/2
Los Angelos: 2/2
Pittsburgh: 1/1
20/30 teams had four or more picks from 2014-2017. Of those 20 teams, 7/20 had four or more successful picks, 7/20 had three successful picks, and 6/20 had two or less.
So, if a team had four or more picks, there was about a 35% chance they would make at least four successful picks, 70% chance they would make three successful picks, and 30% chance they would make two or less.
Based off these odds, if Marner gets an offer sheet which would send Toronto four 1st round picks (giving them eight overall including their own), Toronto could very well inherit 5-7 roster players based solely on these odds.
I haven’t factored in things like cap hit, or range of picks, but I thought this was interesting nonetheless. Most of the top heavy teams draft wise included a combination of lottery picks and top 10 picks like Winnipeg, Edmonton, Buffalo, Vancouver, Philly, Calgary, Toronto and Colorado. Some of the other teams like Minnesota, Detroit, Nashville and Tampa Bay, still did fairly well considering they didn’t have any top 10 or lottery picks, but nobody really stood out in that group besides Boston for acquiring star talent.
What Toronto gets back quality wise from their picks is really going to depend on which team decides to offer sheet Marner, and how high/low in the standings that team is projected to finish over the course of the next four years. By the looks of it though, I’d bet that Toronto comes out on top by a mile, especially if they can net a few top 10 picks. Only way this turns out a loss for the Leafs is if their trading partner ends up being atop the standings from 2019-2023, or if their scouting department completely fucks up their selections.
Leafs can also decide to use their own first round picks to either draft more players and thus increasing their odds all together, OR use them for trades. Not a bad spot to be in.
It’s also cool to see how Marner compares to any of those four or more pick teams, had this situation occurred in 2014 in some alternate reality. For example:
PHI: Patrick, Sanheim, Provorov, Konecny — Marner
COL: Makar, Jost, Rantannen, Bleakley — Marner
MTL: Sergachev, Poehling, Juulsen, Sherbak —— Marner
NJD: Quennville, Zacha, McLeod, Hischier —— Marner
Anyways, apologies if this was confusing. I’m not the best at explaining things, but I was really curious to see how valuable those four 1st rounders actually are. It might suck to lose Marner, but judging how the draft has gone for teams with four or more picks from 2014-2017, Leafs are likely far better in the long run with the 1st rounders.
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2019.02.03 01:34 true2phoenix [FR] From Third Date, how can I escalate it to a relationship / physical / sexual ?

I'm 24 and met a nice girl on Bumble a few weeks back (That was very much my type), however only got to meet in person about 2 weeks ago.
(2 Weeks ago): First date was meeting in the local bar in town, we just both had one drink then she drank soft drinks and so did I, we chatted in detail getting to know each other, sitting opposite each other. We stayed until the bar shut, then I walked her back to the train station, I went in for a kiss on the lips goodbye however got rejected and she turned her cheek. Whilst with her I scheduled the next date, that was dinner through the week and hopefully some mini-golf after.
(1.5 Weeks ago, 3 days later from 1st date): 2nd Date, met for dinner at a local Italian restaurant (Which was our favourite cuisine together), again sat opposite each other, and enjoyed the conversation over dinner. Then asked her about Minigolf after dinner, however she said it was a little late and was quite tired, so we just stayed talking the rest of the evening at the restaurant, until it shut. Then walked her to her car, and got her to kiss me on the cheek goodbye. It came up in conversation that she does a local park run every Saturday morning at 9am, with her gym crew friends. I somewhat self invited myself. However the day before I pulled out, as I felt it was a little stalkerish just showing up to her local run, with her friends, plus wouldn't be with her that long as she was going to the gym (Which I'm not a member of) after, and then had a jam packed weekend.
My largest observation from the first two dates, was that we could talk endlessly about ourselves, and find common topics of conversation, however I wasn't sure how to turn conversation into something more.
Currently I've been single for just over 2 years, since an Ex of 2 years in University and have only had two girl friends before, the other one being in the end of high school for just about 2 years. Previously the girlfriend in university happened in one day, where we were living in the same building and I met and then went to her dorm room with a bottle of wine and we watched a rom com, and then escalated it and started making out, which lead to sex on her bed ( I think the wine would have helped back then ;) ).
However now with this single spell of no sex or girls for 2 years, I find myself out of touch, especially on how to game without alcohol and game on multiple dates to lead up to sex.
So I read quite a few posts on /seduction and also read "Double your Dating" by David Deangelo. Previously I had listened to the audio book "The Game" by Neil Strauss, and read half of the "How to Lay Girls Guide" that Style talks about in the beginning of the Game. Also watched quite a few videos on youtube by Style (Neil Strauss).
Today: 3rd Date, Met for takeaway hot chocolates and went for a walk in the local park by the seafront to watch the sunset. Got some good conversation, holding her hand, and talked about the surroundings trying to make her more present in the moment. Asked her what she's fascinated about (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5zzL1g9ZI4), what came out was currently the gym (sporting exercises, i.e. running, gym, hand stands and calisthenics), and crime thriller TV shows. Played Style's 5 question game (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23Dt1xb9oIw), on her and that then lead to good Kino with hugging and laughing. [However I was unsure on how to escalate this into a kiss, or something more]. We did sit down and stare somewhat into each others eyes, however just talking still. Ended up continuing to walk in the park and ended up doing some handstands with her. Walked back to a local bistro-pub and got pint of cider, and played some table football for a couple of games then we both ordered burgers and chips. Whilst we were eating, she was telling me about a house party that happened the last weekend and how an old man tried to stroke her back and put his hand on her inner thigh. She did it to me, and I did the same back to her, I felt quite turned on that moment, and we did stare into each others eyes, then laughed it off. She was showing me some photos on her phone of the party, and then I decided to show her some of a fancy restaurant I went to in another city with a mate, however she saw a tinder message notification on my phone, and she seemed somewhat put off by this. (I'm not sure how to bring this up her, I'm hoping that it will be okay, she's by far the best match I've had and liked allot after meeting). She then ended up drinking soft drinks again, and I did the same. We played some more table football for quite a few games and then she said she was tired, so I walked her back to the train station. This time she went in for a kiss goodbye on the lips and then left.
We talked about I could join her for a run after her work through the week just me and her. We also talked about that she'd like to watch game of thrones some time, however she said she's put off by dates that have tried to get to "Chill" and watch game of thrones (As she's told me about a tinder that invited her to his house to make pizza's and then tried to have sex with her after some TV, however she said she ended up leaving and was put off by it). Talking with her, she's been out of the dating game for 3 years also, she talks quite quickly and can get flustered quite easily.
So reddit, any feedback, and on next steps whats the best way to escalate the relationship to something sexual ? As I've read I should not be a nice guy, as women want a sexual partner that then gets turned into a long term partner. Any particular date ideas, that we could do ? Also specifically is there any games I could do to get more sexual attraction ? And or get us passionately kissing each other ?p
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2019.02.03 01:22 true2phoenix [FR] From Third Date, how can I escalate it to a relationship / physical / sexual ?

I'm 24 and met a nice girl on Bumble a few weeks back (That was very much my type), however only got to meet in person about 2 weeks ago.
(2 Weeks ago): First date was meeting in the local bar in town, we just both had one drink then she drank soft drinks and so did I, we chatted in detail getting to know each other, sitting opposite each other. We stayed until the bar shut, then I walked her back to the train station, I went in for a kiss on the lips goodbye however got rejected and she turned her cheek. Whilst with her I scheduled the next date, that was dinner through the week and hopefully some mini-golf after.

(1.5 Weeks ago, 3 days later from 1st date): 2nd Date, met for dinner at a local Italian restaurant (Which was our favourite cuisine together), again sat opposite each other, and enjoyed the conversation over dinner. Then asked her about Minigolf after dinner, however she said it was a little late and was quite tired, so we just stayed talking the rest of the evening at the restaurant, until it shut. Then walked her to her car, and got her to kiss me on the cheek goodbye. It came up in conversation that she does a local park run every Saturday morning at 9am, with her gym crew friends. I somewhat self invited myself. However the day before I pulled out, as I felt it was a little stalkerish just showing up to her local run, with her friends, plus wouldn't be with her that long as she was going to the gym (Which I'm not a member of) after, and then had a jam packed weekend.

My largest observation from the first two dates, was that we could talk endlessly about ourselves, and find common topics of conversation, however I wasn't sure how to turn conversation into something more.

Currently I've been single for just over 2 years, since an Ex of 2 years in University and have only had two girl friends before, the other one being in the end of high school for just about 2 years. Previously the girlfriend in university happened in one day, where we were living in the same building and I met and then went to her dorm room with a bottle of wine and we watched a rom com, and then escalated it and started making out, which lead to sex on her bed ( I think the wine would have helped back then ;) ).
However now with this single spell of no sex or girls for 2 years, I find myself out of touch, especially on how to game without alcohol and game on multiple dates to lead up to sex.
So I read quite a few posts on /seduction and also read "Double your Dating" by David Deangelo. Previously I had listened to the audio book "The Game" by Neil Strauss, and read half of the "How to Lay Girls Guide" that Style talks about in the beginning of the Game. Also watched quite a few videos on youtube by Style (Neil Strauss).

Today: 3rd Date, Met for takeaway hot chocolates and went for a walk in the local park by the seafront to watch the sunset. Got some good conversation, holding her hand, and talked about the surroundings trying to make her more present in the moment. Asked her what she's fascinated about (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5zzL1g9ZI4), what came out was currently the gym (sporting exercises, i.e. running, gym, hand stands and calisthenics), and crime thriller TV shows. Played Style's 5 question game (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23Dt1xb9oIw), on her and that then lead to good Kino with hugging and laughing. [However I was unsure on how to escalate this into a kiss, or something more]. We did sit down and stare somewhat into each others eyes, however just talking still. Ended up continuing to walk in the park and ended up doing some handstands with her. Walked back to a local bistro-pub and got pint of cider, and played some table football for a couple of games then we both ordered burgers and chips. Whilst we were eating, she was telling me about a house party that happened the last weekend and how an old man tried to stroke her back and put his hand on her inner thigh. She did it to me, and I did the same back to her, I felt quite turned on that moment, and we did stare into each others eyes, then laughed it off. She was showing me some photos on her phone of the party, and then I decided to show her some of a fancy restaurant I went to in another city with a mate, however she saw a tinder message notification on my phone, and she seemed somewhat put off by this. (I'm not sure how to bring this up her, I'm hoping that it will be okay, she's by far the best match I've had and liked allot after meeting). She then ended up drinking soft drinks again, and I did the same. We played some more table football for quite a few games and then she said she was tired, so I walked her back to the train station. This time she went in for a kiss goodbye on the lips and then left.

We talked about I could join her for a run after her work through the week just me and her. We also talked about that she'd like to watch game of thrones some time, however she said she's put off by dates that have tried to get to "Chill" and watch game of thrones (As she's told me about a tinder that invited her to his house to make pizza's and then tried to have sex with her after some TV, however she said she ended up leaving and was put off by it). Talking with her, she's been out of the dating game for 3 years also, she talks quite quickly and can get flustered quite easily.

So reddit, any feedback, and on next steps whats the best way to escalate the relationship to something sexual ? As I've read I should not be a nice guy, as women want a sexual partner that then gets turned into a long term partner. Any particular date ideas, that we could do ? Also specifically is there any games I could do to get more sexual attraction ? And or get us passionately kissing each other ?
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2018.10.11 03:25 GraemeTaylor 2049 Capholds

NOTE: This is my first time doing this, I definitely messed some stuff up. Please double check your team, and let me know what I did wrong :)
RFA's cap holds will be equal to 1.5x their value on their 4th year contract (first round picks only). 2nd-round picks will have a caphold of 2 million. Rookies that had their teams forego their 4th year option will have 2x their salary as a cap hold. UFA will have a 1x cap hold. So, without further ado, here are capholds for each team, listed alphabetically. A friendly reminder that the renunciation of capholds is irrevocable. You can renounce players in the comments:
Ahmad Webster: 11.5
Andre Thomas: 8
Phil Bell: 2
Tomas Seibutis: 11
Spencer Jackson: 2
D'Waylan Romano: 2
Total: 36.5
LeTaylor Ball: 16.85
Dominque Jacobs: 22.5
Terry Jones: 12
Monty Muhammad: 2
Andre Morgan: 2
Total: 55.35
Anthony Nourse: 21
Terrance Blake: 0.75
Bruce Brown: 5.5
TaBarri Waller: 11.25
Lewis Walker: 3
Total: 41.5
Nigenomome Oinko: 13
Charles Ryan: 10
Andy Davis: 2.25
Justin Best: 10
Harley Floyd: 2
Bo Brody: 2
Total: 39.25
Chris Lee: 10
Fatts Russell: 10
Von Walton: 22.5
Charles Daniels: 2
Total: 44.5
Papa Nzeulie: 12
Josh Wutford: 2.25
Lewis Young: 1.75
Jo Bala: 5.07
Anthony Warsaw: 2
Total: 23.07
Carl Drammeh: 10.125
Stefan Obradovic: 4.5
Robert Davidson: 4.4
Stefan Vuksanovic: 2
Total: 21.05
Tony Gill: 22.5
Logan Bartlstein: 2.5
Jere Vukusic: 10
Shawne Barbour: 10
Marshal Sims: 4
Luke Dickher: 7
Dominque Swarbrick: 4.75
Kyndhal Williams: 1.75
Total: 57.5
Chris Dabich: 17
Tyrone Whiting: 22.5
Casey Morris: 4.5
Toby Johnson: 1.25
Nedim Agva: 0.75
Romain Lettuce: 0.75
Total: 46.75
Larry Edgerson: 20
Chauncey Stephenson: 4.05
Jacquan Jones: 2
Kevin Evans: 2.3
Total: 28.35
Salim Langura: 22.5
Wannah Neil: 5.5
Jerome Forrest: 5.5
Wayne Kuebler: 1.75
Arnold Loving: 1.75
Matan Zeusman: 1.75
Torree McConnell: 0.75
James Brown: 1
Total: 40.5
Dax Nudo: 1.75
La'Shard Hunter: 1.75
Jimmy Ervin: 1
Hubert Waczynski: 2
Total: 6
King Strong: 2.5
Chris Ocherobia: 1.75
TJ Ptacek: 2 (undrafted is treated as a 2nd)
Stephen West: 2 (undrafted is treated as a 2nd)
Total: 7.75
Vitor Hettshemeier: 5
Josh Ebow: 2
Waylon Johnson: 6.42
James Ellis: 6.5
Adam Vonleh: 2
DeAngelo Brooks: 2.1
Jermaine Huestis: 2
Lorenzo Hollowell: 2.25
Total: 28.27
Matej Batina: 2
Terrance Mozzarella: 13
Dale Haley: 1.75
Virgle Carr: 2
Jerry Baylor: 3
Reggie Hazouri: 2.25
Anton Benzon: 4
Total: 9.25
Metin Yilmaz: 9.3
Aleska J: 8
Austin Blosser: 5.745
Nick Dorsey: 0.75
Podfog Washed: 3
Kenny Washington: 2
Harrison Watson: 2
Total: 30.795
Anthony Lucas: 18.5
Matt Brown: 20
TJ Kaminecki: 16
Kion Montgomery: 4.5
Cecil Dielo: 1
Vanja R: 0.75
Steve Shedd: 0.75
Total: 61.5
Charles Ball: 2
David Kinzer: 4.725
Total: 6.725
Talbott Atamah: 4
Drew Smith: 5.4
J.T. Newsome: 2
Walker Ellis: 16
Brian Molinari: 22.5
Jeff Grice: 6.195
Lee Caird: 22.5
Ishmael Blackstock: 10.13
Kendal Bunce: 1.5
Steve Horowitz: 1
Donnie Lassiter: 0.75
D.J. Lane: 1
DeAndre Taylor: 0.75
Tim Reuter: 1
Devin Adapolo: 1.00
Josh Parker: 1.75
Total: 86.075
Stipe Stemberger: 22.5
Terrell McKee: 4.5
Brian Logan: 1.75
Dave McNeal: 1
Thomas McCrae: 0.75
Ego Eslik: 0.75
Total: 31.25
Gorkem Yildirim: 11
Joey Welcher: 15
Devario Owens: 8
Dominque Fenton: 11
Javier Evans: 3.315
Ottopeek Coffeey: 11.82
Robby Badbreath: 4.5
Lucious Taylor: 2.75
Robert Frazier: 2
Total: 69.385
Travis Brown: 3.375
Micheal Johnston: 5
Ray Bryant: 10
Leon Seiferth: 3
Trey Estes: 1.5
Sidney Thompson: 2
Total: 24.825
Loren McConnell: 24
Swaggy Pee, Jr: 27
Jayson Jackson-Johnson: 2
Vishal Alexander: 3.375
Daddy Madrich: 7.605
Total: 63.98
Tony Robinson: 1
Jared Ingram: 0.75
Marques Freeman: 1.75
Tim Williams: 2.7
Total: 6.2 (not sure if HD will count in this, not sure if he opts out or what)
Devario Owens: 3.375
Lindsay Parker: 2.5
Steve Partner: 4
Total: 9.75
Thon Maker, Jr: 2.95
Dendre McClean: 22.5
Poormanz Rains: 3
Aivaras Tatarunas: 10
Jared Van Schiack: 3.375
Graville Rivers: 6.75
Charles Ayeni: 2
Damarcus Hassan: 9.375
Will Berry: 2
Total: 61.95
Rich Johnson: 22.5
Shawn Davis: 5.5
Faronte Stephens: 6
Danny Young: 1.5
Donovan Horton: 4
Mike Eddy: 2
Total: 41.5
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2018.09.17 02:46 albuterolfollies On the morning of July 1, 1990, nursing home resident Nancy Lagerquist was taken from her bed, carried outside, raped, and stabbed to death. A month later, police discovered that another resident, Bertha Scott, who had died on May 2 from apparent natural causes, had been raped and strangled.

Note: This case is obscure. This write-up is based entirely on articles published in the Missoulian and other Montana newspapers. From what I can tell, there are no other sources available online. As such, gaps in knowledge and details abound. Therefore, I have made some educated guesses from the limited information available.

A River Runs Through It
Around 3:30 am on Sunday, July 1, 1990, a staff member of the Riverside Health Care Center, an assisted living facility located in Missoula, Montana, stopped by the room of 87-year-old Nancy Lagerquist for an hourly bed check. Finding her sleeping in bed with no signs of distress, she continued onto to the next room.
In keeping with its name, Riverside sits alongside the Clark Fork River. The I-90/US12 highway runs along the other side of Riverside. The river and the highway form the outer edges of a pass between two hills, Mount Jumbo and Mount Sentinel, which separate East Missoula from Missoula proper. The Riverside building itself has one story and comprises a central hub with four spokes, or wings, spun off in a semicircle east of the hub. Lagerquist’s bedroom was located in the wing closest to the Clark Fork. That night, five employees were working the graveyard shift and each entrance to the building had an alarm. The alarms, which would not activate that night, were later found to be fully functioning.
At 4:30 am, another staff member stopped by Lagerquist’s room only to find her missing from her bed, a particularly startling situation given that Lagerquist could not walk. Riverside staff immediately conducted a full sweep of the building. After failing to locate Lagerquist within the facility, they called authorities at 4:41 am. Police and search and rescue teams soon arrived and expanded the search. At around 6:30 am, a police officer operating a patrol boat along the Clark Fork discovered her body in the water near the banks of the river about 100 feet (30m) downstream from Riverside in the vicinity of the University of Montana’s famed Hellgate Osprey Nest.
Lagerquist had been murdered viciously in manner police would later describe as ritualistic. Her assailant had raped her with an object which had pierced her uterus and entered her abdominal and thoracic cavities, killing her from blunt force trauma. As one detective later put it, “there were things [done to her] that weren't necessary to cause her death.” The perpetrator had then dumped her body into the Clark Fork River, where police discovered it just hours later.
Police found few clues. The river had wiped away any potential forensic evidence on Lagerquist’s body. Despite dredging the river and combing the banks, police could not locate either the murder weapon or the diaper Lagerquist had been wearing. Police believed that the perp had entered through the window in Lagerquist’s bedroom, given that it had been cut. However, he had left hardly any evidence behind. Police collected and tested the bedding and other objects in Lagerquist’s bedroom, but did not have any “earthshaking” evidence, as Captain Pete Lawrenson put it. Given the number of Riverside employees, residents and visitors, dusting for fingerprints would have been difficult and arduous. In that respect, it is not known if police identified any fingerprints which could not be matched to staff or residents.
Police had one lead. A Riverside employee had seen a man walking through the parking lot of the neighboring Missoula Athletic Club away from the Clark Fork and towards East Broadway Street at around 4:00 am. He was described as white, aged 30 to 40 years old and weighing between 180 and 200 pounds. He had light brown, collar length hair, cut above the ears. He sported a mustache and wore brown rimmed glasses. He wore an untucked, white and brown striped t-shirt, which had a tail longer than the front of the shirt. He had tan, button-fly shorts and white, low-type tennis shoes with white socks. If police did create a composite of this individual, they seemingly did not release it publicly. Police did not necessarily view this individual as a suspect; they simply wanted to question him about what he may have seen that night.
Despite the police’s early focus on this individual as described in the initial articles on the case, this person of interest quickly dropped off from the reporting. Whether that was due to him being identified and ruled out or identified and suspected without charge or remaining unknown altogether is unknown. Reportedly, the police were flooded with possible leads based on this description and perhaps they wanted to limit the number of calls and potential false leads.
In trying to find suspects, Police ruled out a personal or familial connection early on. Lagerquist had lived at Riverside since December of 1988. She was born in Hamilton, Montana in 1902 and graduated from Hamilton High School in 1921. She had worked as an executive secretary for the Missoula Mercantile Company and had also participated in the Professional Women’s Club. She had never married and had no relatives living nearby. Nothing in Lagerquist’s background suggested that she was personally targeted.
Not surprisingly, police instead focused on people with connections to Riverside, especially employees. After all, who else would be more familiar with the layout, security measures and residents of Riverside? Detectives zeroed in on one staff member who had been working on the night of the murder but eventually cleared him of involvement. Nevertheless, his employment at Riverside ended within a month for reasons not publicly revealed.
Police then turned their attention towards the possibility of a drifteoutsider committing the crime. That Lagerquist had been taken from her private bedroom which faced the Clark suggested that her assailant had chosen her opportunistically. While risky, prowling near the building and figuring out staff activities based on observation would not have been too terribly difficult since Riverside security was designed to keep residents in, not trespassers out. Most security measures involved use of the doors leaving windows unprotected. On this basis, detectives interviewed one individual, James Bailey, first in Missoula, then in Southern California, where he was in custody after fleeing Montana to escape a warrant for a probation violation. After three interviews, however, police did not think he was a particularly strong suspect and dropped further investigation.

The Wrong Case
Having exhausted the list of new potential suspects and leads, police turned back to the evidence they had collected thus far and what they found took the case in a completely different direction. They looked through witness statements which they had taken in the first days of the investigation. At that time, detectives had asked employees if any other recent resident deaths had looked suspicious.
A nurse had stated she had noticed a large bruise on the neck of resident Bertha Scott, whom she had found dead on the morning of May 2, 1990. Scott, 86, suffered from Alzheimer’s and therefore slept in restraints to prevent her from wandering away or injuring herself. Since Scott also suffered from heart disease and showed no signs of distress, Riverside staff had not found the death to be suspicious and her family had buried her without an autopsy. Still, the nurse had thought the bruise was notable enough to mention to police in the early days of Laqerquist murder investigation. Furthermore, staff had discovered signs of tampering with the window in the physical therapy room around the time of Scott’s death.
In contrast to Lagerquist, Bertha Scott had married young and had over fifty grandchildren and great grandchildren at the time of her death. She was born in Naticoke, Pennsylvania in 1904; grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania; and married in Newport, New Jersey in 1924. Tragedy marred her family life, however, as four of her six children predeceased her. She had moved to Missoula only two years prior to her death to be near one of her surviving children.
With few options left, police decided to exhume Scott’s body to confirm that she had actually died of natural causes. They stressed to the public that this action was merely a precaution, more of a way to clear a death rather than find a potential lead.
The autopsy proved otherwise when the medical examiner soon discovered Scott had been raped and strangled. Based on the nurse’s description of the bruise on Scott’s neck and her presumably face up position in bed, manual strangulation seems most likely. Whether there were any indications the perpetrator had intended to kill Scott at that moment or had unintentionally killed her in trying to control and silence her was not disclosed. In any case, it would seem unlikely that the perp could have intended or anticipated her death to be misidentified as one from natural causes.
Crucially, Scott’s murder provided biological evidence, traces of semen recovered by the medical examiner. With this sample, Police could use DNA identification, a technology so novel that articles from the time describe in detail DNA identification as being a new type of “fingerprint” for police to identify the perp. Until this time, DNA evidence had never been used in a prosecution in Missoula County. As such, the local state crime lab lacked the equipment and staff to extract the DNA and develop a fingerprint for it. Therefore, Missoula police sent out the samples collected to the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia for testing with hopes of receiving results within three months.
Unfortunately, this lead would also fizzle out. The semen was recovered after having been in a corpse for three months. Needless to say, its preservation had not been optimal, so it had significantly degraded. Furthermore, the semen had diffused within the victim’s body fluids and the techniques used at the time were ill suited for testing mixed samples. The FBI lab produced a DNA fingerprint which matched none of the suspects tested, but the lab could not even be sure if the DNA fingerprint belonged to the perpetrator. Later, a private lab in North Carolina confirmed that the DNA fingerprint the FBI pulled was in fact Scott’s and were unable to identify the perp’s DNA fingerprint.
With this last lead exhausted, the case went cold.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
In a retrospective article published in 2002, Missoulian reporter Michael Moore revealed a crucial new detail: “During several months in 1991 [sic], nightfall saw a man slip quietly though the center’s darkened halls. Occasionally, elderly residents of the center mentioned an unknown figure, but not one from the staff ever encountered him or even know for sure he existed. ‘The problem is the staff was dealing with folks who, because of their conditions, might not be the most reliable witnesses,’ [Missoula Police Department Captain Bob] Reid said recently.”
This one detail potentially changes the fundamental nature of the case. The initial reporting omitted this fact. Instead, you get the impression the assailant had only burglarized Riverside for these two murders. This revelation, however, raises the unsettling possibility that the perpetrator may have committed numerous burglaries and sexual assaults and perhaps even more misidentified murders at Riverside before ending with an abduction and an unmistakable murder. He may have even impersonated a Riverside employee.
Still, police had good reason to withhold this information. As stated above, nursing home residents are not particularly strong witnesses and individuals with dementia often “see” mysterious people either through misremembering or misidentification, especially since staff walked the halls at night. With only this evidence for possible additional burglaries, police may have been wary of releasing such information to a public already terrified of the two known crimes committed.
Riverside residents reporting seeing an intruder could also have been particularly problematic to Riverside itself. The families of Scott and Lagerquist filed a lawsuit against Riverside in 1993. The suit alleged that Riverside was negligent and failed to provide a “safe environment from would-be assailants” and that Riverside officials “knew or should have known that (the women) might be killed or injured by a prowler…” These accounts could have provided proof of negligence. The resolution of the lawsuit does not appear to have been reported.
However, the 2002 retrospective article also offered hope for potential identification from more advanced DNA identification techniques. In that same article, Detective Reid stated “Given the science of the time, they couldn’t isolate any other DNA pattern. It’s just possible that at some time we’ll be able to get separate prints from a mixed sample. We could use some luck.” First, this statement all but confirms that there are samples left to test. Second, the DNA extraction and identification has indeed advanced considerably since 1991. Such techniques for testing mixed DNA samples were used to convict Lian Bin "Robert" Xie for the Lin family murders committed in Australia in 2009.
Yet, since 2002, there does not appear to have been any public updates about the status of this case.

Perhaps pointless to speculate since a potential DNA match will probably be the only thing that would solve these murders, but researching this case did give me a few ideas about who might have been responsible.
Individual Connected to Riverside: Naturally, this is where police looked first. Given the brazenness of the attack, someone with inside knowledge about the workings of Riverside would make a lot of sense. Despite questioning one staff member at length, police moved away from this theory pretty early on, though the staff member in question ended his employment with Riverside shortly thereafter. Fitting with this theory, in 1992 a staff member at another Missoula nursing home was arrested for sexually assaulting one of the residents. Police briefly investigated him as a suspect in the Riverside Murders but cleared him after records showed that he had been incarcerated at the time.
If not directly involved, a Riverside staff member could have enabled the perpetrator. Instances of parents allowing a romantic partner or acquaintance to molest their children in exchange for companionship or money and drugs are an unfortunate known occurrence. A variant of that enablement could apply to a staff member informing the perpetrator about the security measures, the employee schedules, and the patients making for the easiest targets and making sure the perp is not interrupted.

UM Student: The University of Montana, located diagonally across the Clark River from Riverside, has had its own recent problems with sexual assault as detailed in John Krakauer’s bestseller Missoula. While the book deals primarily with how colleges and law enforcement deals with sexual assault accusations, the book also looks into the statistics for college student offenders and how they might operate. Accordingly, Missoula includes a 2002 study authored by David Lisak and Paul Miller entitled "Repeat Rape and Multiple Offending Among Undetected Rapists." The study found that from a random sample of 1,882 men who attend UMASS Boston between 1991 and 1998, 6.4% were rapists with about 63% of those individuals being serial offenders with each offender averaging 6 victims. Applying these statistics in the study to the UM very conservatively would produce at least two dozen such individuals in the student body.
The study includes an interview one these serial offenders who coordinated these assaults with his fraternity as he graphically recounts a typical assault. This offender, "Frank," stated: “we'd be scouting for targets during the week...I had this girl picked out...We started drinking together...It was some kind of punch we'd made...She started to get plastered in just a few minutes...so I started making my moves on her...She was really woozy by this time...and pretty soon I just made my move...I started working her blouse off...At some point started saying things like...'I don't want to do this right away' or something like that...She tried to push me off, so I pushed her back down...[then] I fucked her... I had my arm across her chest like this, you know, that's how I did it." The interviewer then noted, "As he spoke, Frank demonstrated how he placed his forearm against the victim's sternum, near the base of the neck, and leaned on it to hold her down." Frank’s method for controlling his victim appears comparable to the method that Scott’s assailant used on her, albeit with manual pressure on the neck rather than the sternum.
A college date rapist like Frank fits several aspects of the assailant’s MO. They both offend serially and lack either a moral or sexual aversion to raping an incapacitated person. Frank noted that in the instance described above the victim had been semi-conscious, whereas two other women he had raped under similar circumstances had been completely unconscious. Furthermore, he described how his fraternity targeted and groomed women over the course of a week with the intention to rape them after plying them with alcohol. He mentioned how they even reserved special rooms in the frat house for these assaults. The amount of planning and patience which went into Frank’s assault would be comparable to the amount of thought which went into the Riverside Murders.
If the perp was a UM student, he would operate similar to other college predators like Frank but might have additional inclinations or attractions towards sexual violence, incapacitation, or voyeurism to the point where they would take the considerable risk of burglarizing a nursing home to rape and murder the residents. The individual may have wanted to commit murder while committing a sexual assault but felt that such an act against another college student would be too risky as the police would certainly focus on other students when looking for suspects and there would have been likely more media attention and pressure to find a suspect in a college town like Missoula.
In fact, shortly before the Lagerquist murder, police arrested UM student Tarrow Duane “Bubba” Jones, 20, for several rapes he committed on campus. Jones would roam dorms and enter the rooms of sleeping women, many of whom had been drinking, and then forced himself on them, usually while they were still asleep. As he stated: “Sometimes I’d go through the dorms and check 20 a night. I had the idea I’d find somebody along and then convince her to have sex with me.” Although, he was charged for two counts of rape and one count of attempted rape, he admitted that he had actually committed anywhere between 15 to 20 rapes.
Jones, however, is not a viable suspect for the Riverside murder. He was arrested a month before Lagerquist’s death and remained in custody before pleading guilty. Furthermore, His MO was much sloppier and more direct than the Riverside Murderer. Regardless, his crimes provide an example of how student serial rapists can operate on a college campus and how underreported these crimes are, especially 30 years ago.
Riverside is easily accessible to UM students. It is located diagonally across the Clark Fork from the main campus as indicated in the 1995 map. Walking from the main campus to Riverside takes twenty minutes. UM students frequented the then neighboring Missoula Athletic Club.
Were police to reopen this case, one avenue of investigation would be to cross check UM enrollment records for the 1989-1990 and 1990-1991 academic years against the national sex offender registry.

Trucker: Truck drivers may be the most common occupation among serial killers in the United States, as evidenced by the FBI’s Highway Serial Killings Initiative which tracks over 500 murders where the victims were found in the vicinity of highways. The job provides the means, the opportunity, and the anonymity needed to get away with murder. Trucker serial killers tend to target sex workers, drifters, or hitchhikers and murder them at truck stops, rest stops or within the cab itself, but there are instances of truck drivers of targeting people in their homes such as Adam Leroy Lane, the Highway Killer.
Missoula is a major trucking hub. Known as the “Hub of Five Valleys,” Missoula is the last major city on Highway I-90 before Spokane, Washington and connects Montana State Highway 200, U.S. Route 12 and U.S. Route 93. It is home to several truck stops (mostly centered in the suburb of Wye) and numerous trucking companies. At any given time, many long-haul truckers will be passing through the area.
In 1992, Missoula Police investigated Lloyd Chase Allen, a long-haul trucker, as a possible suspect. Allen was in jail in Florida awaiting trial for the November 1991 murder of Dortha Gibbs, who had been stabbed in her home during a robbery. Allen traveled all over the country including Missoula. Police cleared him, however, after records indicated that he had been incarcerated during the Riverside murders. In fact, he was already a fugitive when he murdered Gibbs since he had escaped from a work release program in Kansas. While Allen was cleared, police’s investigation of him indicates that truck drivers and other transient individuals were considered as possible suspects.

Ray Dean Johnston: Born in Kansas in 1951, Ray Dean Johnston started committing sex crimes there in the early 1970s. A Hutchinson court sentenced Johnston for three rapes and assaults to one to twenty years on each count, but he apparently admitted to authorities that he had committed about eight rapes or attempted rapes along with eleven burglaries. The Kansas DOC, however, paroled him after he had served only eleven months. He moved to Missoula in 1977 and within four months was arrested for aggravated assault and aggravated burglary. In that attack, he had targeted a woman in her home and demanded money. If not for the intervention of the woman’s brother, Johnston likely would have committed rape as well. He was convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison but was paroled sometime before September of 1990.
On November 14, 1990, Johnston committed yet another burglary and sexual assault. Shortly after 9 pm, Johnston, wearing a ski-mask and welding a knife, knocked on the front door of a trailer home of a woman and her seven-year old son, who was fast asleep in the living room. When the woman answered the door, Johnston forced a gloved hand against her mouth and shoved her into her bedroom where he raped her under threat of harm to her son, who remained asleep through the entire ordeal.
Although Johnston had previously met this woman, police did not identify him as a suspect until four months later, after they obtained blood samples from him under warrant and matched the DNA to semen samples collected form the rape kit. Interestingly, this match would be the first DNA evidence presented in court in Missoula County history. Johnston plead not guilty and tried to argue that the sex had been consensual, but a jury found him guilty after only two hours of deliberations with one juror calling Johnston’s story “preposterous.” A judge sentenced him to 70 years in prison, where he died in 2016.
Johnston is one of the better fits for the suspect profile from the limited information available, though it is not strong by any means. Johnston’s crimes are probably the closest match in the region to the Riverside murderer’s MO. Furthermore, he fits the description of the POI scene near the Lagerquist murder at 4 am. The location and victim profile differ significantly from Johnston’s known crimes, but Johnston, recently paroled, may have sought a non-resistant, non-communicative target. As stated previously, the burglary at Riverside was brazen, but not especially complicated.
Police, however, have never publicly identified Johnston as a suspect in the Riverside murders. Even a Missoulian article describing both the DNA match for Johnston and the ongoing DNA testing for the Riverside murders did not speculate about a link between the two. Johnston was still on parole at the time of the of November attack. He could very well have been imprisoned when the Riverside murders occurred. If he was out at the time, police likely approached him early on and either cleared him or lacked enough evidence to charge him. If police suspected him for the Riverside murders, they might have unofficially closed the case after his 1992 conviction which resulted in a defacto life sentence.

Golden State Killer: Yep, I’m going there. To be clear, I believe each theory or suspect I have presented above is far more likely than DeAngelo. Still, these murders bear some similarities to DeAngelo’s alleged crimes and the differences in the victim profiles, type of dwelling targeted, and method of murder can be explained by adjustments forced by practical necessity. DeAngelo committing these crimes would be a grim irony; a serial killer who, due to advancing age and declining physical ability, starts committing his crimes in a nursing home.
Like DeAngelo, this perpetrator’s chief characteristic involved committing sexually motivated hot prowl burglaries which resulted in rape and murder. These crimes required patience and voyeurism, two traits well known to DeAngelo. Scott had been sleeping in restraints, which was DeAngelo’s go-to method for subduing his victims. The Lagerquist murder, involving a short distance abduction, fits with several of DeAngelo’s crimes where he abducted or attempted to abduct victims from their homes. It is uncertain what exactly DeAngelo planned to do with the abducted that he would not have done in the home. Even when DeAngelo did succeed in abducting someone, as in the case of EAR attack # 9 (“Do you go to American River College?"), he acted confused and seemingly did not do what he had wanted to do. Murder is not out of the question since these abductions occurred before the ONS series and DeAngelo may have been hesitant to leave a murder crime scene in a home. If that were the case, this crime could end up being his first “successful” abduction.
DeAngelo could have been visiting the area for recreation. Montana is famed for its recreational outdoor tourism. Thanks to the recent Oxygen special, we now know that DeAngelo had a boat during the EAR series. While not proof that he owned a boat in 1990, we do know that he at least had an interest in boating and fishing before then. Missoula is about an hour’s drive south of Flathead Lake, famed for its fishing, and a few hours away from several national and state parks including Glacier National Park. The Clark Fork itself is a favorite among anglers. If he or his family had owned or regularly rented a cabin in the area, it may have turned into his retreat, a place where he let off steam with fishing, biking, and murder.
DeAngelo could have been living in the area for work, especially as a truck mechanic. During his ONS phase, DeAngelo lived in Southern California for at least some time separately from his wife and children for work. DeAngelo worked as a truck mechanic at Savemart from 1990 and there are some indications that he had done this work in the 1980’s as well. As noted above, there were and are numerous trucking companies in Missoula. Considering the portability of auto mechanic skills, he probably could have found such a job in Missoula with few questions asked (unless there were certification or licensure requirements at the time).
Marital problems could have brought DeAngelo to the area. DeAngelo would formally separate from his wife in 1991, just a year after the murders. For serial killers who can stop murdering for lengthy periods of time and then resume murders, changes in relationship status or relationship problems are among the most common triggers for stopping and starting their crimes. If things had taken a turn for the worse in 1990, he may have moved to a more isolated, less urban area to find himself (and victims). There, he could easily find work as a truck mechanic to support himself while still getting away from it all.
Advancing age can explain the changes in the MO. DeAngelo would have been forty-four at this time, well past the age of jumping over fences and running along canals through vast suburban tracts. Riverside was fairly isolated at the time and offered quick access to I-90. The Clark Fork provided perhaps the best means of body disposal relative to the time, effort, and risk needed. DeAngelo may have also ended up raping Lagerquist with a foreign object because he was unable to achieve or maintain an erection, a problem noted in several EAR attacks and one that becomes only more common with age.
Problems with victim control could have forced him to look for older victims. During his penultimate attack in Goleta in 1981, Greg Sanchez may have confronted DeAngelo before he was able to subdue him. In his final known attack, there appears to have been a struggle and DeAngelo seems to have dispensed with his usual attempts at prior restraint with ligatures and instead struck Janelle Cruz with a blunt object repeatedly. In contrast, victim control posed no problem to the Riverside Murderer. Bertha Scott was already restrained. Nancy Lagerquist could not even walk. Sure, DeAngelo would have had to have carried her, but an 87-year-old woman with atrophied lower body muscles could have easily weighed less than one hundred pounds.
Access to an easily restrained victim would outweigh the risks of burglarizing a nursing home. While Riverside is a multiunit dwelling which is always staffed, it is single story and the security measures in place at the time were of little consequence to the Riverside Murderer, whoever he was. A man of DeAngelo’s patience and skill could figure out fairly quickly when staff had regularly scheduled bed checks. He also could have dedicated his time to this one target, “quality over quantity,” since a quick perusal (but by no means an exhaustive search) of the Missoulian from this time does not turn up any other reported hot prowl and/or sexually motivated burglaries in the area.
Finally, DeAngelo’s publicly known timeline is still sketchy but there are some indications that the timing of the murders fits within it. There is the aforementioned formal separation in 1991. One time given for his start at Savemart is August of 1990, just one month after Lagerquist’s murder. Furthermore, DeAngelo is believed to have made three phone calls to EAR victims after the series had ended. They occurred in 1982, the early 1990s, and 2001. The first and third have easy explanations. The first call (or set of calls) likely resulted from a chance encounter DeAngelo had with his victim at a Denny’s, where she worked as a waitress. The third call occurred only two days after the EAR series and ONS series were first publicly linked to each other. The second call, however, does not have any particularly strong explanation. If DeAngelo committed the Riverside Murders, he may have felt a renewed desire to relive other aspects of his past crimes including making phone calls to victims.


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2018.02.19 06:13 Marylander1109 Historical Information on Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF) and possibly related people/entities. (Please note: indictments are not equal to convictions.)

Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF) and possibly related people/entities:
(Please note: indictments are not equal to convictions.)
(Note:) Rahim is a relative of Detective Jemell Lamar Rayam's and worked as an autopsy technician with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.
AND: https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/pfive-defendants-convicted-operating-heroin-trafficking-ring-protected-corrupt-former
AND: https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/pindicted-baltimore-city-police-officers-charged-additional-robberies
AND: http://archive.is/hfPwY
AND: https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/pindicted-baltimore-city-police-officers-charged-additional-robberies
CONVICTED: https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/ptwo-baltimore-city-police-officers-convicted-federal-racketeering-conspiracy
AND: https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/pindicted-baltimore-city-police-officers-charged-additional-robberies
CONVICTED: https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/ptwo-baltimore-city-police-officers-convicted-federal-racketeering-conspiracy
See also 2013 death of Brother, Matthew Hersl (Then candidate Marilyn Mosby in attendance): http://archive.is/VBEFA
Other brother, Stephan Hersl states he knows what happened to Murdered BPD Homicide Detective Sean Suiter: https://twitter.com/justin_fenton/status/963190293679001600
BPD Officer and his Heroin Dealers:
Five Defendants Convicted Of Operating Heroin Trafficking Ring:
Detective Momodu Bondeva Kenton Gondo (+5): https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/pfive-defendants-convicted-operating-heroin-trafficking-ring-protected-corrupt-former
  • Antonio Shropshire, AKA Brill, B, and Tony;
  • Omari Thomas, AKA Lil’ Bril, Lil B, and Chewy;
  • Antoine Washington, AKA Twan;
  • Alexander Campbell, AKA Munch; and,
  • Glen Kyle Wells, AKA Lou, and Kyle.
Bail Bondsmen:
Donald Carroll Stepp (Double D Bail Bonds): https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/pbaltimore-bail-bondsman-pleads-guilty-drug-charges
(Note:) Double D Bail Bonds additional partner is Dennis Danielczyk, who is related to Officer Scott Danielczyk from BPD’s Advanced Technical Team, best known for stingray surveillance:
Marijuana Importation Ring?
Seattle Police Officer Alex Chapackdee, Tuan Van Le, Phi Nguyen, Samath Khanhphongphane:
Other Heroin Dealers:
2017: Eleven Facing Federal Indictment for a Drug Distribution Organization:
  • Terrell Allen, AKA Fat Relly and Chino;
  • Lawrence Trogdon, AKA Bucky;
  • Laroy Weaver, AKA Jones and Rell;
  • Brandon Brown, AKA Ball;
  • Delanie McCloud, AKA D-money;
  • Deangelo Rouzer, AKA Wacky;
  • Trey Allen;
  • Valleria Rice, AKA Muk;
  • Michael Grant;
  • Dantre Hill; and
  • Mavrreck Boone.
Tavon Holmes:
Tarik Brooks, Jermaine Epps, Terry Downs, and Theodore Smith:
Rodney Addison, AKA. “Black” and “Freddy;” Deandre Anderson, AKA “Meatball;” Kurt Atkins; Jackie Bagley, AKA “Bruce,” “Juice,” and “Juicy;” Vernon Bartee; Johntae Brown; Dominic Durham, AKA “Nick;” Wilbur Forrester, AKA “Man Man” and “Dreads;” Keith Johnson, AKA “Tree;” Antonio Jones, AKA “Dre;” Andrew Manuel, AKA “Low Low;” Stancil McNair, AKA “Deandre” and “Do-do;” AND, Ernest McRae, AKA “Rat” and “Man Man:”
Baltimore-to-West Virginia
Christian Blunt:
Samuel Hogans, AKA Richard Hogans and “Lex”:
Steven Robinson, AKA as “H:”
Money Laundering:
Stephanie Edmonds
MD State Senator (Trial pending: 4/16/2018):
And: https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/pfederal-charges-filed-against-maryland-state-senator-accepting-payments-exchange-official
Then: https://www.justice.gov/usao-md/pmaryland-state-senator-indicted-additional-obstruction-justice-charge
Now: https://twitter.com/bpsears/status/963227478591508482
(Again, please note: indictments are not equal to convictions.)
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2017.08.05 05:12 PhoecesBrown FantasyPros Expert 12 Team Mock Draft Meta-Analysis: Part Two - RB Risers

Part One (WR Risers) Part Two (RB Risers) Part Three (TE & QB Risers) Part Four (WR Fallers) Part Five (RB Fallers) Part Six (TE & QB Fallers) - Next Week
This is part two of a six part series on players that fantasy experts are targettng early, and players that they're avoiding. For part one, we looked at wide receivers taken early. If you missed it, check the link above. Today, we'll look at RBs that are getting targeted much earlier than their ADP.
A couple days ago, I saw this 12 team expert-only mock draft from FantasyPros posted here, and I thought it would be interesting to see which players the experts were drafting much earlier and much later than their ADP, and then what the expert that drafted each player has written about that player.
To account for the difference in value between a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick than a 15th round pick and a 16th round pick, I took the log difference between where a player was picked and that player's ADP, which yielded good results.
For the purpose of this meta-analysis, all ADP's above the last pick of the draft(192) were converted to one pick after the last (193,) to avoid bias on players drafted very late in different formats. Since this is a 12 team league, the difference between 193 and 500+ is treated as negligible since none are likely to be drafted in this format. note: In hindsight, I probably should have added a buffer to at least pick 200, but this should suffice
A few important considerations here:
  1. This is a 0.5pt PPR draft, so adjust according to your own league settings
  2. This league starts 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1TE and a flex, so WRs were drafted more aggressively than in a 2 WR league, and QBs were drafted much less aggressively. Because of this, I have adjusted for bias at each position.
  3. If you play in a casual league, there's a good chance you can get these players closer to their ADP
Without further ado, here are some running backs that experts are targeting much earlier than casual fans in fantasy drafts, and some reasons why they're worth the reach.
FantasyPros 12 Team Expert Mock - RB Risers
James White RB Matt Harmon 8.06 90 164 -74 -0.2606 -0.2384
Danny Woodhead RB Joe Dolan 5.11 59 104 -45 -0.2462 -0.2240
Dalvin Cook RB Bob Harris 3.10 34 59 -25 -0.2394 -0.2171
Duke Johnson RB Joe Dolan 8.02 86 142 -56 -0.2178 -0.1956
Theo Riddick RB Michael Moore 7.12 84 130 -46 -0.1897 -0.1674
Darren McFadden RB Matt Harmon 11.07 127 193 -81 -0.1818 -0.1595
Terrance West RB Matt Kelley 8.04 88 129 -41 -0.1661 -0.1439
Samaje Perine RB Matt Franciscovich 6.08 68 99 -31 -0.1631 -0.1409
Jacquizz Rodgers RB Brad Evans 9.08 104 151 -47 -0.1619 -0.1397
Giovani Bernard RB Matt Harmon 10.06 114 165 -51 -0.1606 -0.1384
C.J. Prosise RB Matt Franciscovich 8.08 92 133 -41 -0.1601 -0.1378
Jamaal Williams RB Jake Ciely 9.01 97 140 -43 -0.1594 -0.1371
Ty Montgomery RB Matt Kelley 3.09 33 47 -14 -0.1536 -0.1314
Joe Mixon RB Jake Ciely 2.12 24 34 -10 -0.1513 -0.1290
Rex Burkhead RB Brad Evans 12.05 137 186 -49 -0.1328 -0.1106
Joe Williams RB Joe Dolan 11.11 131 176 -45 -0.1282 -0.1060
First up is James White, taken 90th overall and a full six rounds higher than his ADP. A cursory twitter and google search came up empty for Harmon's thoughts on White, but here was Mike Tagliere's thoughts on the pick:
All offseason, I’ve stated that James White continues to be undervalued, but not in this draft. Harmon took him at pick 8.06, which is the earliest I’ve seen him go. I like White, but taking him before someone like Paul Perkins is questionable. What you should take notice of, though, is that White should (and will) be moving up boards.
Harmon did only have two RBs at that point in the draft (McCaffrey, Lacy), so it looks like he simply took the best back available for the format after going WR heavy in the early rounds. White is a tremendous value if you can get in the late rounds.
Joe Dolan had the next biggest reach, taking Danny Woodhead at the end of the 5th, 45 picks ahead of his ADP. Here's the latest take on Woodhead from fantasyguru.com, where Dolan is currently the managing editor:
With Kenneth Dixon (knee) out for the season after injuring his meniscus, 32-year-old free agent signee Danny Woodhead is now a lock for a huge role in the Ravens attack. Baltimore inking Woodhead is already proving to be one of the most important running back additions this offseason. With Dixon’s loss, Baltimore now has an absurd 380 targets open from their 2016 campaign. 56% of Baltimore’s 2016 targets, in terms of their personnel, are now either retired, injured, or off of their roster. With their losses along the offensive line (RT Wagner, C Zuttah, C/G Urschel), the Ravens may have to make Woodhead an extension of their run game via short passes. Woodhead is still undervalued in fantasy drafts. (7/28)
There's no denying Woodhead's value in PPR. The only question is whether Woodhead can stay healthy and effective at age 32. At his current ADP, Woodhead is an absolute steal, and a player to target perhaps even higher than the end of the 5th round in PPR, though you can likely get him later in casual leagues.
Dalvin Cook was taken 34th overall by Bob Harris, 25 picks higher than his ADP. Bob writes:
According to ESPN.com, Cook will get a chance to carry the load right away, as the Vikings try to revamp their backfield after parting ways with Adrian Peterson. The Vikings, who had the league's worst running game last season, are in dire need of a playmaker, and they plan to give Cook opportunities to fill that role. As NFL.com notes, Cook has rare straight-line acceleration but also displays exceptional lateral quickness. He flashes surprising pop at the ends of runs, which allows him to pull through contact on the way to moving the chains. As a receiver, Cook is a natural pass-catcher with soft hands and polished route-running skills. He is versatile enough to create mismatches out of the backfield or out wide as a designated playmaker in the passing game. "I think he's got a chance to be special," HC Mike Zimmer said after watching Cook in OTAs. Ball security has been an issue -- one that he'll need to fix if he wants to be the Vikings' primary back ahead of Latavius Murray. How the team ultimately splits the workload is something you'll want to get a better feel for in advance of draft day.
It's worth mentioning that Latavius Murray is currently on the PUP list after undergoing ankle surgery last March. Though expected to return before week 1, there's a good chance he will be limited. Also a chance that he suffers a setback.
Simply put, there aren't many RBs after the 2nd round that offer the upside of Cook, and he can be had in the 5th.
Joe Dolan picked Duke Johnson 86th overall, 56 picks ahead of his 142 ADP.
Duke Johnson averaged 1.16 FP/touch last year (league average 0.70). This despite scoring just 1 TD. IF (big if) he scores 5-6, look out.
He’s also incredibly affordable. Occasionally double-digit rounds. Auto pick for me in most PPR drafts, especially best ball.
Similar to Matt Harmon's James White pick, it looks like Dolan went best RB available here, as he only had two RBs at this point of the draft (Ajayi, Woodhead). The fact that Johnson is a usable back and could only cost you a 12th round pick
The next biggest riser is none other than Theo Riddick, selected with the 84th overall pick, 46 picks ahead of his ADP, by Michael Moore of profootballfocus.com. I couldn't find anything from Moore about Riddick other than that he's "higher on him than others," so here's a blurb on Riddick and his partner-in-crime Ameer Abdullah from Daniel Kelly, Moore's co-worker at PFF:
Running backs who score a disproportionate amount of their points in the fourth quarter are often of the pass-catching variety, and 2016 was no exception. Chris Thompson (39 percent), Jerick McKinnon (35), and Theo Riddick (34) placed top-five among all 100-point backs. Each has more touch competition now, so it’s natural to expect a decline in production. Thompson and Riddick, however, have a firm grasp on a defined backfield role, and both the Lions (-1.0) and Redskins (-0.5) project for fewer wins. They also ranked seventh (63 percent) and 12th (61), respectively, in fourth quarter trail rate. Allowing Samaje Perine and Ameer Abdullah to scare us off of Thompson and Riddick in PPR leagues is rash.
Riddick has a built-in role in the Lions offense, and is a great pass catching back. If you have a hole to fill at RB, Riddick is a guy you can plug in and count on for a handful of points and the occasional big game.
Matt Harmon selected Darren McFadden with pick 127, and McFadden is currently going undrafted in most 12 team leagues. Harmon doesn't appear to have written anything on McFadden, so here's the blurb on him from footballguys.com
Darren McFadden has a better reputation than his career statistics warrant. The nine-year veteran has only two 1,000-yard seasons, has scored just 33 touchdowns (4 per season), and has missed 42 games. Last year, McFadden played in just three games and tallied 104 yards from scrimmage. On most teams, his roster spot would be in jeopardy but the former Arkansas Razorback is a favorite of Jerry Jones and remains the #2 back on the depth chart. If Ezekiel Elliott is suspended, McFadden will be fantasy relevant for a few weeks. (July 30)
Darren McFadden's value begins and ends with Ezekiel Elliott's availability. McFadden could have a productive few weeks if Zeke were to miss time. Similar to DeAngelo Williams last year, McFadden could provide some sneaky value in the early weeks, and remains one of the better handcuffs to own should Zeke get hurt. If/when Zeke's suspension is announced, McFadden's ADP will likely rise in proportion to the length of his suspension
Terrance West was taken by Matt Kelley 88th overall, 41 picks ahead of his ADP. Here's the scoop on West from Kelley's site, playerprofiler.com :
Terrance West is the 5-9 225 former third round pick of the Browns who was discarded and had a bit of redemption season in Baltimore posting a low RB2 season of 193 carries 774 rushing yards 5 rushing touchdowns with 34 receptions 236 receiving yards and 1 receiving touchdown. Nothing major and Kenneth Dixon’s injury shouldn’t have any huge impact to his 2017 numbers. West did do a strong job when we look at Formation-Specific metrics as he led the NFL in YPC vs Stacked Front with a 6.6 YPC. West’s efficiency numbers are nothing major and are nothing to get excited about especially from an athlete whose Best Comparable is Trent Richardson on PlayerProfiler.com.
With Dixon out for the season, TWest stands to benefit the most. Though West is not the most skilled back in the league, opportunity trumps talent in fantasy, and West will have plenty of opportunity this year.
Matt Franciscovich of NFL.com makes his first appearance in the series, taking Samaje Perine 68th overall, 31 picks earlier than his 99 overall ADP. Take it away, Matt!
Everybody knows about the top rookie running backs: Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, Joe Mixon and Dalvin Cook. But one guy isn't getting enough love in fantasy drafts just yet.
Full disclosure, this was supposed to be where I caped up for Texans' rookie back D'Onta Foreman. Unfortunately, he's in the news for the wrong reasons, so I'm shifting gears to Redskins' back Samaje Perine. The Oklahoma product is poised for a huge opportunity in Washington. For now, it sounds like the primary role is incumbent Rob Kelley's to lose. But given Perine's background, he could easily supplant Kelley as the starter (sorry Rob, love you).
If you're not familiar with the fourth-round pick out of Oklahoma, his real strength is in his, well, strength.
The dude taped bricks to his dumb bells-at age 12-to add intensity to his workouts. In 2015, he lifted a 1,500-lb car off the ground so that a woman stranded on Oklahoma's campus could change a tire. And most recently, he paced every running back at the 2017 NFL Combine in bench press reps with 30 (225lbs). The best part is that he knows how to translate that strength to on-field productivity.
You might remember hearing about an Oklahoma back setting the NCAA record for rushing yards in a game with 427 in 2014--that was Perine. He's also the Sooners' all-time leading rusher. Perine profiles as a big power back who knows how to use his upper body to plow through defenders, break tackles and get big chunks of yardage after contact.
From what Washington's coaches have said about the rookie thus far, it sounds like they're more than pleased with their draft selection and have high hopes for him in his first season. Head coach Jay Gruden and running backs coach Randy Jordan have both praised Perine for his performance in offseason workouts. Gruden called him a "total package," while Jordan highlighted his ability to catch the ball and his exceptionally good feet, for a 233-pounder.
Kelley remains the favorite to start training camp as the primary back on the heels of a somewhat productive second-half of the 2016 season. But an entire 25 percent of his 120.6 standard fantasy points last year came in one, three-touchdown game. In the final five weeks of the season, Kelley averaged an unimpressive 3.1 yards per carry. So Washington went out and got themselves a better version of Kelley, in Perine. Fantasy owners should do the same on draft day.
(Perine gets bonus points for his stellar beard game, too.)
It seems Franciscovich believes Perine will supplant Kelley at the top of the depth chart in 2017. Though it's clear that Perine has the physicality to play at the NFL level, his vision and speed are a concern. Still, Perine may be the most talented player in the Redskins backfield, and has a good shot of at least earning goal line duties over Kelley, if not win the job outright. Perine's not a great pass catcher, or at least hasn't shown that ability, but is a capable pass-protector, if a bit raw. Perine could potentially start for one of the best offenses in the league and could only cost you an eighth round pick.
Next up is Brad Evans, who took Jacquizz Rodgers 104th overall, almost four rounds earlier than his 151 ADP. Here's a blurb from Yahoo on the value of Jacquizz Rodgers:
Rodgers might not qualify as a strict PPR sleeper, though he can definitely catch the ball — he had 105 grabs in Atlanta from 2012-2013. But we didn’t have him in our common sleeper list in the backfield, and I’d like to rectify that now.
Rodgers answered the bell last year, totaling 658 total yards on a modest 142 touches. The Bucs are not in love with Doug Martin — who starts the year on a three-game suspension — or Charles Sims. Jeremy McNichols shows promise, but he’s just a rookie, and a fifth-round pick at that.
One of my favorite fantasy football strategies is to focus on a fast start, then deal with October later. Rodgers is probably going to be Tampa Bay’s primary back for the opening three games. After that, who knows? Maybe he can shove Martin out of the way. Bucs head man Dirk Koetter is a Quizz guy; they were both with the Falcons from 2012-14.
Although the price is sneaking up on Rodgers, he’s still someone you can land in the second half of your draft. He’s my fourth most-common RB selection in my preseason, best-ball portfolio. (Scott Pianowski)
Much like Theo Riddick, Jacquizz Rodgers has a built-in role in his offense, and has stand alone value with the potential for that role to increase should the lead back miss time.
Giovani Bernard was taken by Matt Harmon 114th overall, well ahead of his 165 overall ADP. Here's the scoop on Gio from the football guys :
Much like backfield mate Jeremy Hill, Bernard's role in this offense is threatened by Cincinnati's draft selection of Joe Mixon. Bernard tore his ACL in Week 11 (November) but had disappointed until then. His usage in the offense seemed odd, as many projected that he would see more time in a more open offense, particularly with Tyler Eifert out for the first handful of games.
The amount of usage he'll see this season depends on many factors, the most important of which is his health. Per a February report, he'll likely avoid the PUP list but could miss the first couple games as he rehabs his knee. (May 13)
Post first practice observation: Giovani Bernard looked incredible. Not just for a guy 8 months removed from ACL. For any NFL RB. #Bengals
It's looking like Gio has fully recovered from his ACL tear will be ready for Week 1 of the regular season. Mixon is still the lead back, but Gio has his built-in role in the pass game a la Theo Riddick and Jacquizz Rodgers.
The next biggest reach of the draft was C.J. Prosise, taken by Matt Franciscovich 92nd overall, 41 picks ahead of his ADP (133). Here's what Matt thinks about Prosise in 2017:
As a rookie, C.J. Prosise missed a significant chunk of training camp and preseason action due to injury. But when he did get on the field, he was a fantasy game-changer. In a four-game span between Weeks 8 and 11, Prosise averaged 7.9 yards per carry on 28 rush attempts, scored double-digit standard fantasy points thrice, and collected 80-plus receiving yards twice.
He was the star of the show during a Sunday Night Football game in Week 10 against the Patriots with 24 touches that went for 153 yards leading his team in both rushing and receiving. After helping the Seahawks hand Tom Brady his only loss of the season, Prosise was promptly promoted to starting running back and got off to a hot start against Philadelphia in Week 11 with a 72-yard touchdown run. Unfortunately, he suffered a season-ending injury later in the first quarter, halting his rookie campaign.
Seattle made one significant change to its backfield during the offseason by acquiring Eddie Lacy in free agency. Prior to Lacy's signing, there were whispers that Prosise would compete for the starting job with Thomas Rawls. That's a sign that the Seattle coaches believe the Notre Dame product is capable of being a feature back at the NFL level. But now that Lacy is in the picture, it's likely Prosise is relegated to change-of-pace duties, which is not necessarily a bad thing. We've seen him flash explosiveness in this role, albeit via a small sample size.
Reports on Prosise this spring have been nothing but positive, so there is still room for optimism. Seahawks beat reporter Sheil Kapadia of ESPN wrote that the second-year back has "looked healthy and dangerous" in offseason workouts. Head coach Pete Carroll, who was giddy about landing Prosise in the NFL Draft last year, reiterated how the team plans on using the converted wideout's versatile skill set as a weapon in the offense.
Sure, Prosise will be behind Lacy and Rawls on the depth chart to start training camp, but neither provide the spark or mismatch opportunities that the talented second-year player does. If he can prove worthy of a bigger workload, it's not out of the question for him to usurp Rawls as the No. 2 before the season is underway. With the lack of upside options in Round 10 and later, fantasy owners need to be willing to take a chance on this explosive player when they can.
Prosise is a dynamic pass-catcher, that is unquestionable. The big question for Prosise is his ability to stay healthy, and how much of a workload the Seahawks believe he's capable of handling. Still, of the RBs remaining in the 11th-12th rounds, there aren't many that can match Prosise's upside
Jamaal Williams was taken by Jake Ciely at the 8/9 turn, officially at pick 97, 43 picks ahead of his average draft position. Ciely weighs in:
Williams is likely to be the first surprise to most, but get ready to be a fan. Williams simply knows what it takes to be a NFL level running back. Williams arguably has the best vision in the draft, finding holes, letting the blocks develop and creating his own lanes (or tight creases even). Williams has a great lower half with terrific balance, and blends power with high-end acceleration and spin moves to evade defenders. That’s a dangerous combination, as Williams carries the “Madden button moves” (spin, juke, truck) in addition to the knowledge of when to get the first down or find the end zone. Williams can be the lead running back and carry RB2 value, but as with some overlooked running backs of years past, he may sit behind someone to start and be a better stash option.
@allinkid When would you take Jamaal Williams in a 12-team PPR draft? Thx
as early as 6th, but you can probably wait until the 8th
Whether you're a Ty Montgomery believer or not, the possibility of a Jamaal Williams emergence is real. What Williams lacks in elite measureables he makes up for intangibles. Though he's far from a guarantee to be the lead back for the Pack, he's certainly worth a gamble in the middle of your draft, perhaps even earlier. Speaking of TyMo...
Matt Kelley strikes again, taking Ty Montgomery, the other half of the Green Bay Packer backfield battle, with the 33rd pick overall, 14 picks ahead of his ADP.
After losing multiple running backs to injury or inefficiency in 2016 Ty Montgomery was given an opportunity to play running back and did not disappoint. Montgomery was hyper-efficient in his limited amount of carries last year. When looking at players with 50 or more carries, there were 5 players in the top 20 of these running backs in Production Premium, Breakaway Run Rate, Juke Rate, and Yards After Contact Per Touch. The list has 4 players that received less than 100 carries but one that had over 200 carries. That player, LeSean McCoy, might provide a window into what a player as efficient as Montgomery could do with a high volume season. Note: When removing the Breakaway Run Rate qualification the list includes just two more players, Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson.
The reason that list includes only one player that is being drafted early in drafts is obviously because LeSean McCoy is the only one of those players getting a high opportunity share and snap share. Could Ty Montgomery reasonably receive a large volume of touches in this offense? After seeing the team run totals the past two years I understand being skeptical. At first glance it may seem like the Packers won’t be running the ball a lot this year. They were 30th in the NFL in rushing attempts per game and 31st in their percentage of plays that were runs. However, in the 3 seasons prior to 2016 they were in the top half in both rushing attempts and percentage of run to pass ratio. A team that had a healthy, Pro Bowl-caliber, running back in Eddie Lacy and were winning in a lot of games, often creating a positive game script, ran the ball a lot? Shocking.
The final piece to the Ty Montgomery breakout puzzle is backfield dominance. Can he take a large portion of his team’s running back carries and targets. To this we might look to Eddie Lacy‘s most recent healthy season in Green Bay. In 2014 Lacy dominated the Packers backfield with a 63.9-percent (No. 12 in the NFL) Opportunity Share, and a 70.5-percent (No. 10) Snap Share. Montgomery may not see as high of usage as Lacy did but he does have the body size and receiving skills to play in all facets of the game. And here’s the beauty of it: Montgomery doesn’t need to see nearly as high of usage as Lacy did to be a top tier fantasy running back because he can be one of the most efficient players in the league. His efficiency metric will more than make up for a discrepancy between his amount of touches and running backs with more touches.
Looking at his competition in the backfield only furthers the idea that a high opportunity share could be in Ty Montgomery‘s future. The Packers drafted Jamaal Williams in the 4th round and Aaron Jones in the 5th round of the draft this year. Jamaal Williams, currently the backup running back was good in college, posting a 36.4-percent (79th-percentile) College Dominator Rating, and a 5.9 (64th percentile) college yards per carry. While these are both positive signs Williams’ 95.5 (8th-percentile) SPARQ-x Score is a major hindrance on his chances of success and if the Packers want a bigger back to relieve Montgomery Williams isn’t the guy. At 6′ and 212 pounds he doesn’t profile to be any better in short yardage or between the tackles than Montgomery.
Aaron Jones was a significantly more talented prospect coming out of college with a 90th-percentile-plus College Dominator Rating, college YPC, and a college target share. Despite this his small build, 5-9 and 208-pounds, don’t make him a running back that can carry a heavy work load. He would best be suited in a passing downs roll and would be the best receiving back on a number of NFL teams, except the Green Bay Packers. Fortunately for Ty Montgomery, the most talented backup on the team has a skill set that Montgomery also has, but Montgomery excels at even more as a converted wide receiver. The Green Bay backfield has a backup that lacks the requisite athleticism necessary to produce at the NFL level and the more talented backup is buried on a roster where his skills aren’t needed.
Efficiency is the name of the game for TyMo, and the combine measurables for the incoming rookie RBs suggest that they shouldn't be much threat to pass Montgomery on the depth chart. Whether you trust the tape or trust the numbers, here's the real takeaway from this draft: the Packers backfield is a highly valuable commodity, and their RBs are worth the reach.
Next up is Joe Mixon, taken by Jake Ciely at the 2/3 turn, ten picks ahead of his ADP. Ciely, AKA "The All In Kid" weighs in on why the rookie is worth going all in on in this year's draft:
We’re not here to debate Mixon’s off-field issues or if he’s reformed. Purely as a running back, Mixon is the best talent in this class. Mixon has a terrific build that doesn’t stop him from having some of the best acceleration and quickness in the draft. You like jukes? Mixon is also one of the best at moving laterally with top-notch moves and vision. He’ll also allow the blocking and holes to develop, and then burst through them, as Mixon can stop-and-go like few others. Mixon isn’t solely flash, though, as he’ll drive through contact, has the power to break tackles and is also good in the passing game. The only downside is the lack of true breakaway speed, but after all of that, do you really care that much… especially if he falls to a winning team due to his off-field issues.
Mixon is arguably the most talented backs in this year's draft class, and has landed in a great situation where he can be the Week 1 lead back. So long as Mixon's off the field issues are in the past, he's a player worth reaching for this year.
Brad Evans had the next biggest reach with Rex Burkhead, taken 137th overall and 49 picks ahead of his ADP.d
Signed to a one-year, $3.15 million deal in March, jack-of-all-trades Rex Burkhead joins the Patriots as an intriguing all-purpose talent who was pigeonholed as a special teamer and lightly used slot receiver in four years with the Bengals. Burkhead shined in his 2016 opportunities, averaging 4.65 yards on 74 carries and finishing second among NFL backs in Football Outsiders’ DVOA, behind fellow new Patriot Gillislee. While it’s conceivable Burkhead’s primary role will remain on special teams, it’s also worth noting that he was bigger (5’10/214) and way more athletic (73rd-percentile SPARQ) than Gillislee (5’11/208, 8th percentile) coming out of college and obviously holds a huge passing-game edge. Burkhead is merely a late-round dart throw, but he’ll be someone to monitor closely all August.
As far as late-round dart-throws go, it's tough to beat Burkhead's upside. The Patriots like to use several backs in their backfield, and Burkhead proved himself a productive asset last season. Though instant productivity seems like a long-shot, Burkhead could find himself stepping into a bigger role as the season progresses. There are few offenses that can rival the Patriots in firepower, and Burkhead appears to be one of the stronger assets in the Pats backfield.
Last up is Joe Williams, taken by Joe Dolan in the eleventh, 131st overall, and 45 picks ahead of his 176 overall ADP. I couldn't find anything from Dolan or his site on Williams, so here's the blurb form The Football Guys:
Williams has big-play ability and every-down potential. The first characteristic will excite fantasy owners. The second characteristic will require Williams to practice better ball security and decision-making between the tackles. If he can at least hold onto the ball, he could earn the Tevin Coleman role in the 49ers offense and deliver strong bye-week production.
Williams is a medium-risk, potentially high-reward late round lotto pick, and a player to monitor in the preseason and beyond.
So now, we bid adieu to part 2. Tomorrow, we'll take on the QB & TE risers, and kick off WR fallers on Monday. Tuesday will be RB fallers, and we'll wrap up with QB & TE fallers on Wednesday.
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2017.07.04 21:29 cockycomedy Online Game 101 - Openers, Self Disqualifying (3)

I have improved my game with cocky comedy, and it works great on high value women (not so much on your chubby neighbourhood geek..) so don't use these on girls with apparent low self esteem. Don't put people down without a reason. A confident, beautiful, high value women will take your words, twist and throw back at you, she will laugh and ask your name; she has had life easy; she can't easily be put down by a nasty comment about her shoes. Got it? Good. Because if you use any of the below on an average girl who isn't a confident, social butterfly: you will probably drive her to suicide. So don't be evil.
These are all aimed to create tension, start a fight: but what do you think happens when someone creates tension and releases it professionally? Laughter. Relaxing. Relief. Good feelings (As if someone stole your car as a prank, and when you were really upset HE DROVE IT INTO YOUR DRIVEWAY and said SURPRIIIISEE!!" What do you do? You laugh and maybe cry out of happiness: because he lead you down one path but took you out another path. Chimpanzees laugh. You know when? (No stand-up comedy there in primate colonies!) When the lookout chimpanzee warns the others of immediate danger of a predator: but it was just a bird, or not a threat. Chimpanzees laugh in relief then, and feel happy. This is what you aim with tension-release.
There is another concept called push-pull ; which is like tension and release, but you show interest, and show disinterest , confusing the girl, adding unpredictability; hence excitement to the interaction. She can't really be sure if you are into her, or not. This keeps her playing. If you were predictable; she would have solved you and left.
Here are some of the openers I use (Use common sense. If her hair isn't visible in the photo: skip that line..) Some are taken from David DeAngelo contributors, some I made up. But they are all tested on hundreds and hundreds of women and are proven to work if you are her type at all. They are proven to PISS HER OFF and get out a response is what they do. They won't outright attract her and make her fall in with you. But out of 500 guys who messages her that day, you are the one she is responding to and talking to. Good. This correlates to A1 of the Mystery Method.


x x
Aww poor thing, you can't even afford the full t-shirt, you had to buy the small children's size that doesn't even cover up your pömppis(it means belly in Finnish) and jenkkakahva(it means love-handles in Finnish) :) Don't worry, here is 3€ so you can go buy a nice shirt at kirpputori. I feel generous today :) Let me see your shoes... oh, they are nice! What a surprise. You at least have good taste in shoes. Where did you buy them? Did they also sell women's sizes there? (If she's wearing a half-shirt top whatever it is)
I love your hair! It kind of reminds me of a bird's nest.. It's amazing what a great haircut you can get for a $4 haircut in Finland. Imagine.. how good it would look washed. But it makes your head look normal so, cheer up; at least the extension clips are well hidden! What's your name? (She has a picture with her hair made into a ball on top of her head, or just looks messy/curly)
I love your eyes! I thought you must have photoshopped them. They are so gorgeous. But then I noticed your boobs and thought; "If she were any good at photoshop, she would do something about the boobs first..." But hey your eyes are real. So.. [Insert casual friendly question here] (She has a picture with her eyes clearly visible, and doesn't have very large breasts)
I love your shirt [or top], it's amazing how well it hides your belly. [Insert casual friendly question here] (She has a shirt, but no belly..)
What are you doing hunting for guys on the internet , on this place? Can't you meet normal people out in the real world like everyone else? What's wrong with you? [Very powerful. If she smiles or defends herself or makes a funny comment like asking why you are there; ignore that you even said that and start teasing her about other things. don't go back to the first opener topic. Some girls are there to hunt their dream Justin Bieber look alike and all other guys will be 0-value for them. Don't even waste time answering them. Ignore. ] (IF she has nothing else you can tease her about. Likely a boring person though..)
I love your shoes. Where did you buy them? They look expensive.. Did they also sell women's sizes? [Insert casual friendly question here] (Picture of her wearing shoes, or a picture of her feet in shoes)
I love your style. There is something fucking sexy about the way you dress. Where do you shop from? Which flea market [Which branch of Salvation Army etc.. You get the point. You are implying that she is cheap and frugal, not classy]? I must go shopping there as well. My grandma buys the clothes that are EXACTLY like your style. So she can gift them to me on my birthday. I love my grandma, can't stop wearing the sexy skirt she got me last Christmas. [She doesn't know if you are serious or not at this point but she is laughing. Get back to the topic occasionally during conversation, mentioning having spilled your coffee on your skirt, or she made you so much your bra fell off. Just randomly] (She dresses like a hippie..)
Just.. when was the last time you shaved your legs?... They have the same stubble as you do on your chin.. But anyways, mine was yesterday. I cut a few times, god it hurts so much. Why must the price of beauty be so high? Sometimes I just think I should let go and I shouldn't care about attracting so many women with my long, muscly legs.. But a man has to take care of himself.. [Ask casual friendly question here]
You don't look [Insert the nationality you guys are from], where are you from? Are you [Insert a nationality that both of you guys would deem less valuable, like Mexican for USA, Russian for Finland, Irish for UK... ]? - She replies that she is very [Your nationality] and you reply with - Oh that's too bad. It's like a meat market here in [Your nation], girls just treat me like a piece of flesh.. I thought you could be different for a change but it seems not.. At least we can chat a little while before you go all [Your nationality...] on me. [Casual friendly question here..]
140cm? [Enter a very low imperial height here, like 4ft? It must be a photo where you can see her full height. Doesn't matter how tall she is because you will tease her for being much shorter than you and that you couldn't ever meet her because people would think you are incestuous brother and little sister] (If you are American, and she looks latino, you could say "DO YOU HAVE PAPERS, MISS?"
Dude.. if you were going to make a fake profile with photos of a girl from the internet.. you could find a more classy one who dresses a bit stylish and looks real. Use photos from a girl's tumblr next time :) Boys may believe this is a real profile.. Men don't :) Are you rich? [She will say NO, then you rip her for being poor, and that you couldn't marry her and be her house-husband, and that you are breaking up, and that you can't eat bread sandwich with bread filling everyday.. But if she mentions - but I'm bla bla, you go = Bla bla isn't enough, I need bla bla AND Rich.. But ask a casual friendly question]
Dude.. if you were going to make a fake profile with photos of a girl from the internet.. you could find a more classy one who dresses a bit stylish and looks real. Use photos from a girl's tumblr next time :) Boys may believe this is a real profile.. Men don't :) [It's a real profile.. but now she has to qualify herself and prove that she is real. I have had 10/10 cute girls send me a photo of their ID card.. ]
Hey! We finally talk after seeing each other on the front page so many times. This is a dream come true.... for you. I hope I don't disappoint [Ask casual friendly question, btw I ripped this from Stewart Francis! ]
She may get TOTALLY PISSED OFF! But who cares, she responded and you two are talking, so you can change the context and the frame, and perhaps tone down a bit.
This should be enough, but you spam these in private message or comment to some 100 girls at once. Perhaps 20 will reply, positive or negative. But I have pulled more from negative first reactions than positive ones. There will be such positive ones that she will immediately ask for your name etc. Be cool with them, don't play too much game, be direct, honest and try to get her number as soon as possible.
An important tip on comedy. You get better when you watch a lot of stand up comics such as Stewart Francis, Steven Wright.. And it's the character that's funny, not the jokes. For example: If she laughs and says "You are funny!" or something; you go :
I know. Thank you. That was just a little sample of the kind of fun you and I are going to have for the next 20 hours/years/all night [An exaggerated time period] - She laughs - Just kidding, we are not going to have fun. - She laughs more - Just sex - She laughs -... Like two REAL MEN.. - She laughs (Hey I'm not a man!!) - I know, that's a shame because If I weren't gay you would be so my type! - She laughs but knows you are kidding now, no more jokes for a while - I think you are beautiful, what's your name?
Practice, practice, practice.


You have studied the outline, took some opener from my list or just made one up yourself and send different openers to hundreds of girls. Now they are replying. Some are pissed! Some just laugh. Some won't even reply. Some will seem shocked but start defending themselves (aww. don't tease her much any more.. she is really nice.. ), and some will outright try to put you down, they are so offended.
What we did in the first step is creating tension. We pulled a rubber band as far as we can, it's about to snap and hit her face; YOU DON'T WANT THAT. 100% all time tension is a good way to start fights. Not attracting women. You firmly, gently release the tension without letting it snap. "See? I wasn't going to hit you, it was just a joke" This is what causes laughter in people. Not the "funny" words or gestures.
Now we have some work to do. This is not copy paste any more (for now). You have to study WHAT MEN DO AT THIS PARTICULAR PLACE (Tinde OkCupid/Whatever place you're using.. ) . What every guy tells girls, how every guy acts like. Because you don't want to say those things (You won't anyways), but you want to remind her that you are not like them.
For example, at this place I use every loser tells a girl one of these things "beautiful" , "pretty", "I'd hit it" , "wanna go for coffee?" These things have lost their value. They are like the greenpeace donation workers on the street. They bug you everyday but you start ignoring them, the Broca's region within your brain has learned that these are the default (like a bad smell, or a familiar sight) and has begun making you ignore it.
What we can do is point out that every guy on that place says these things, and it's so boring, (don't say I ' M NOT LIKE THOSE GUYS, just don't. Just imply). You also learn what kind of photos they put, what kind of photos do the successful guys have? Copy the successful ones and don't copy the losers.
An example: "Did you notice how every loser here says "beautiful" "cute" "I'd fuck you" "are your parents terrorists because you are an atom bomb" to ALL GIRLS? Are those guys for real? Don't they get those things are not really manly and just get a "thank you" and (we will never speak again..) in parenthesis? I mean.. it's so obvious what they want and that they are desperate.." - "I'm sure every guy you have met here told you "beautiful" "pretty" "let's go for a coffee" as they have done to 123123512 other girls, but that nerdy one looks just like your match. Want me to talk to him and set you two up?" etc etc..
How she responded: Outright aggressive (this is good) How you respond: Calm, cool, lightly poking fun at her not having a sense of sarcasm, assuring her that you weren't that serious, but didn't want to say the same things to her as every other loser on the site, compliment her very implicitly, and ask her name. Disqualify yourself in your next reply after she responds with "ohhhh.. you jerk, you got me!". If she doesn't, thank her for her time and drop it. Keep teasing in every message otherwise but not complimenting. The rule is two push one pull. Good feeling, good feeling, cold feeling, good feeling, good feeling, cold feeling etc..
How she responded: Positive, laughing, teasing you back, asking things about you (this is good) How you respond: Keep it cool, commend her for having a sense of humour although she lacks so many other things, it's ON, compliment her once, disqualify yourself (explained below) , ask for her name, and whether she is single. It's ok to show interest at this point, you don't need to be too gamey.
How she responded: Cold "ya ya ya" (this is bad) How you respond: Calm, cool, as if nothing happened, no compliments. This response has no sign of interest whatsoever, so you haven't attracted her so far, there is no reason to sign interest to a girl unless she has shown interest in you first. That's amateur and beta behaviour. (Mystery Method explains this nicely). One possibility is that she isn't interested at all. That's cool, you won't see her again. But the other possibility is that she is VERY OFFENDED (Do you really want to be with someone who gets offended at everything and can't take a joke?) in that case calmly poking fun at her not having a sense of sarcasm, with low energy so that you don't show any sign of interest, may work. Remember, she might not have replied at all. By dignifying your initial message, she showed somewhat of an interest. Don't mess it up. Follow up by disqualifying yourself but do not ask her name. That's for when you are sure she has some interest.
How she responded: Outright aggressive in a trashy way, insulting you, threatening you. (zzz... bad but you don't want such a person any way, this type of rejection is cool. It means you got her out of the way and you two wouldnt be a good match anyways) How you respond: Calmly explain you were not being that serious. Tell her to have a nice day, compliment lightly (You don't want to ruin a woman's mood for the day just because you want to protect your ego.. Let whatever she told you go. You want to leave this woman better than you have found her) You don't need to respond to her again whatever she says. Just let go. It's not meant to be.
How to disqualify yourself?
You're gorgeous, but I have eaten girls like you for breakfast.. This won't work at all.. Too bad I'm gay, otherwise you would be SO my type.. You're beautiful, but beauty is common, there are other things I look for in a girl.. I don't think you could handle me... I don't think we're a match at all, it's a shame you are so cute... You're something, it's a good thing I never meet women on the internet, we can just relax and be friends...
etc. You get it.
What does asking name achieve?
It is a sign of interest. You are interested in her name. We usually don't show signs of interest before she does. But asking for her name on the internet where you can't read her body language achieves one thing: IF SHE ASKS FOR YOUR NAME BACK, GAME OVER, SHE IS ATTRACTED. Play it from there. If she doesn't.. There is a slight possibility that she is forgetful, or already knows you bla bla, but don't waste your time, just move on. This is experience from doing this to about 10.000 girls online. If she doesn't ask for your name back, you won't meet up and have hot steamy sex.
We will only continue chatting with the women who asked for our name back, this saves time. It helps make you look not desperate. You are a cool, confident, secure man with a lot of options, 100 girls are messaging you for some sweet love right now, you don't have the time to waste with a girl who doesn't seem interested. Remember: It's either "FUCK YEAH!" or "No". There isn't anything in between. She is either attracted, or not. There is no "some attracted" "too attracted". What you did with your first message was very polarizing. Even if she would be neutral, in the middle, standing on the fence leaning backwards and forwards: that first message either pushed her back into the "not attracted" side or made her fall into the "attracted" side. (Reference, Mark Manson, Models) This is binary from here on. If she asks for your name back and tells her name; you will mostly likely sleep with this girl UNLESS YOU MESS UP.
But u/cockycomedy , Mark Manson told me to always be natural and always be myself otherwise I wouldn't get laid! These are techniques and lines! This guy soliciting 1 on 1 skype seduction sessions at $200/hr on seduction says I should only listen to him and or I will die a virgin!
You should do what Mark Manson says, and perhaps achieve success, and let others do what David De Angelo or u/cockycomedy says and achieve their success. Some will do what RSD Tyler Durden says and achieve success. I have seen naturals do the exact things he does at bars, and go home with two girls that I was pondering if I should approach. There is no "one way" or "one true style" to be good at game. There are foundations but everybody is different. Besides a lot of guys who are being told to "be yourself" are bad at game because their "himself" sucks, that's why they are trying to find ways to get better.
Remember... if you believe it will work, anything will work. I used to go up to girls with 100s of blood donation forms in my backpack, take one out and pretend to fill it, but get confused and ask her for help, and crack jokes as she helped me fill the questionnaire with questions like "Have you ever had sex with a man" - look at her nervously - OF COURSE NOT! LET'S DRAW A GIANT X THERE! WHAT DO THEY THINK I AM! - "Have you had a new partner in the last 6 months" - "Nah.. I'm good.. wait.. YES I HAVE! A LOT OF THEM! TOO BAD, DOES THAT MEAN I CAN'T DONATE BLOOD?!". The red cross place got bugged that I was taking 50 donations forms every day so they put them somewhere inside where you have to ask the nurse to give you one. I started printing them at a color-printing center. It worked. Will it work for you? Don't bother, just go talk to her.. But I believe it would work, and it did.
(Part 4)
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2016.09.28 00:37 MrChipKelly PSA: 7 Ways To Not Be An Asshole Trade Partner

I'm in a league that's mostly family friends, and it is infuriating at times. I'm very much a tinkerer, usually in a good way -- I've won the league twice, always make the playoffs, and rarely have a roster at the end of the year that looks like it did at the beginning. My favorite part of Fantasy is the stock aspect of players and trying to project ROS value against current stats and name value. I'm the guy who believes that the draft is only 10% of your season.
And I'm completely alone.
The rest of the league are either trade-phobic in general and won't even engage, or they have no idea what actual value their players have. Every once in a while I can use this to my advantage -- I sold Danny Woodhead for ARob staright-up after week 1 -- but most of the time it's infuriating, like the guy who wanted Demaryius Thomas and Jerrick McKinnon for Eddie Lacy because "he was a first round pick last year". I'm in a tinkerer hell that I wouldn't wish on anyone else, and as such I am inspired to present MrChipKelly's 7 Very Simple Ways To Not Be An Asshole Trade Partner.
Let me preface all of this by saying that if someone in your league is a Taco and is willing to make a stupid trade then you should absolutely take advantage. I have, and would. Sometimes we need to be assholes to weed out weak players taking up space. These are tips for trading with people who at least pretend to know their way around Fantasy.
As The Trade Initiator
1) If you're initiating the trade, it is your responsibility to make an initial offer.
I want Le'Veon Bell, you own him. If I want to figure out a trade for him, I need to begin that process by contacting you and saying, "Hey, I really need some help at RB and I'm interested in Bell. How about you send him and Wentz over in exchange for Cam Newton and Julio Jones?". If we don't know each other well, I can just send the above trade request with a note. If I text you saying, "Who do you want for Bell?", then that's an asshole thing to do. If I send you a trade request that opens up and suggests you send Bell over in exchange for Shane Vereen and a note that says "Or let me know what you for him", then that's an asshole thing to do. Don't be an asshole, if you're initiating the trade, you make the initial offer.
2) Consider your trade partner's needs as well as your own and act accordingly.
I'm in the market for a WR. I take a look at your roster and it looks like this:
QB: Carson Palmer
RB1: David Johnson
RB2: Demarco Murray
WR1: Mike Evans
WR2: Breshad Perriman
TE: Jesse James
FLEX: Melvin Gordon
D/ST: Cardinals
K: Justin Tucker
Matt Forte
Kevin White
Pierre Garcon
Dwayne Washington
Josh Doctson
Now, if I proposed a trade such as Marvin Jones for Melvin Gordon or something similar, then we could potentially both benefit here -- you have a remarkable wealth at RB, and need some help at WR badly. We both get help right away where we need it. Therefore, if I suggest that you send me Mike Evans in exchange for Tevin Coleman, that's an asshole move. You would clearly get a much shittier end of the deal, as even if you can flip Coleman or another RB for a WR, I get immediate help and you don't, and I deplete what little depth you have at a position of need, which is pretty insulting. Don't be an asshole, consider your trade partner's needs as well as your own and act accordingly.
3) Don't lowball people so hard that it's insulting.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. You have Matt Forte, so I offer you Allen Robinson. Maybe one side or the other makes out better, but I think we can all agree that's an okay trade, as the two are generally in the same ball park. All good. But if I offer Quincy Enunwa and Terrance West for Forte, then that would be an asshole thing to do. Two lesser players DO NOT equal one good player, don't try to bullshit me otherwise. When you offer bench players for starters, you're kind of giving a middle finger to the other person and calling them an idiot, and they'll be less likely to trade in the future. Don't be an asshole, and don't lowball people so hard that it's insulting.
As the Trade Recipient
4) If you don't like a trade, send a counter-offer or note.
This is the killer for me, because I'm constantly sending out trade offers and get no response at all, just a rejection. Remember, everyone in Fantasy has a price. EVERYONE. Tell people what that price is.
I receive a trade offer from you: send my Todd Gurley and Will Fuller in exchange for Kelvin Benjamin. I really believe in Gurley and have very little depth at RB, so I'm extremely hesitant to trade him, and this doesn't seem even to me. I have two options, then:
  • Send a counter-offer, however ridiculous it may be. If that means asking for Deandre Hopkins, Carlos Hyde, and Rob Gronkowski in exchange for Gurley, then so be it, but at least you know what his value is to me. More likely, I'll send a more reasonable, if steeper than the original, trade offer and we can either come to a compromise or say no thanks with a better understanding of each other's player value.
  • Send a note saying that sorry, but Gurley is just completely off the trade block for me. Bonus points if you offer someone else instead.
On the other hand, if I just hit reject on your offer and leave it at that, that's an asshole thing to do. You still have no idea if it's because I wanted more value, or if a player was off the trading block, or if I hate you because I have a crush on your wife. We've both wasted our time. Don't be an asshole, if you don't like a trade then send a counter-offer or note.
5) Have some semblance of understanding of your player's value, and don't try to lie.
This is just the other end of lowballing. Trades are exercised compromise, so don't expect to not lose anything you'd rather keep. I see you, a Le'Veon Bell owner, are trying to trade for Deangelo Williams. You suggest I send Williams in exchange for Delanie Walker. That's a fairly solid trade, and I should consider it and maybe accept it. But all too often, people will put themselves through mental gymnastics and insist that Williams is worth Greg Olsen or Travis Benjamin or Jordy Nelson. No, that's an asshole thing to do. Consider a trade, consider the real value of the players involved, and either accept or send a fair counter-offer. Don't be an asshole, understand your player's value.
6) Don't be a bitch when you lose a trade.
Everyone has seen it. A preseason trade between two people, Keenan Allen for Doug Baldwin straight-up, and once Allen goes down, his new owner insists that they were ripped-off and goes crying to the commissioner. A week two swap of Adrian Peterson and Kelvin Benjamin, with the new IR designation sending Peterson's new owner demanding a refund after some sort of alleged collusion between her trade partner and the Vikings organization. These are asshole things to do.
If you get unlucky or are dumb enough to get fleeced in a trade, take the L and find away to do the same to someone else. Stock up on handcuffs next time. Ride the waiver wire like a nymphomaniac ex-girlfriend. Don't be an asshole and bitch when you lose a trade.
And most importantly...
7) Trade.
If Fantasy were won at the draft, no one would play. It's no fun to be in a league where you're stuck working the waiver wire and otherwise condemned to the guys you got in the preseason, especially in big leagues where the waiver wire is even slimmer pickings than normal. Trades are fun, and they keep things interesting and create rivalries. If you're the guy who holds his cards and refuses to hear offers all year, aside from the fact that you're probably going to lose, you're making the league less fun for other people by taking other players off the table.
Again, no one is saying you have to deal Aaron Rodgers or C.J. Anderson or Shady McCoy if you don't want to, but don't lock them away and throw away the key. That's an asshole move. Be open to trades, even if you have to start out only moving bench players, and your team will get better at the same time you'll be having more fun. Don't be an asshole, trade.
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2015.12.12 19:47 quickonthedrawl Going All In - Should We? Part Two

Hello and welcome back!
Almost two weeks ago, we explored the benefits of “going all in” on a championship run, and the costs/benefits of making such a move. Now that the playoff teams and seeding in my league are set, it becomes a lot easier to do, and as promised we can even put a dollar value to each move!
QB: Kirk Cousins, Marcus Mariota, Alex Smith
RB: Ahmad Bradshaw, Ka’Deem Carey, Tim Hightower, Jeremy Langford, Charles Sims, Karlos Williams, T.J. Yeldon
WR: Jared Abbrederis, Davante Adams, Chris Conley, Taylor Gabriel, Josh Gordon, Rashad Greene, DeAndre Hopkins, Jeff Janis, Donte Moncrief, DeVante Parker, Allen Robinson, DeAndre Smelter, Sammy Watkins, Albert Wilson
TE: Gary Barnidge, Jared Cook, Austin Seferian-Jenkins
IR: Dion Lewis, Zach Zenner, Aaron Dobson
Start 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 flex, 1 QB, 1 TE.
Only two changes to the team from last time from the waiver wire. Neither are particularly relevant.
Thanks to projections from 4for4.com, it becomes easy to estimate the quarterfinal matchups to a greater degree of certainty. After that, I will be using season stats to determine semifinal and final equity. Without making any moves to my team, that gives me the following chances to win:
With ~$650 going to first place, $300 to second, and $200 to third, that gives me an overall prize equity at this point of $236.80. Not quite as much as what the two teams with byes will have, but it's the best of the rest. It should be noted that if each game this weekend goes to the betting favorite, then each of the four remaining teams will have approximately the same ~25% share of the pot ($287.5 in prize equity).
Adrian Peterson, DeAngelo Williams, David Johnson, et al
In this case, I advance to the semifinals at the same rate (since the trade would go through next week at the earliest), and my odds of reaching the finals increase by 6.5%. Once there, my odds of winning the championship rise also.
Total prize equity with an RB1: $274
Net prize equity: +$38
Cost: Approximately one late first round pick, likely with a little bit extra on top.
This really hammers home why I'm reluctant to pay top dollar for a stud RB. Even this late in the season - playoff bid locked up with a good first round matchup - the change to my equity score is not all that much. Would you sell your first round pick next year for 40% of the buy in?
Note, the closer we get to the championship game, the more enticing going all in should become. If that's not intuitive, consider this: buying an RB1 does nothing for me if I lose in the first round, or if I lose in the second round. With a prize payout schedule like this league has (and like most leagues have), the big money comes in the distinction between first place and second place.
Shaun Draughn, Charcandrick West, Jonathan Stewart, et al
In this case, my odds against each team rise slightly. My team turns into even money against the league's top scorer (rather than being a slight underdog), and my matchups against everybody else all get a small bump.
Total prize equity with an RB2: $248
Net prize equity: +$12
Cost: Approximately one mid-late second round pick, give or take.
Here we get to the guys that are more in my price range, but again... is it really worth it? I would not trade my second round pick next year for a 12% discount of my buy in, and I hope you would not either.
One final wrinkle in the whole equation is that we're not just pissing away the future asset and getting prize equity; presumably, we're also gaining an asset that has real future value. In the case of Adrian Peterson, that value might be shaky and volatile at best. For a guy like David Johnson, it might be higher in the future than it is now. And then at the other end of the spectrum, a guy like DeAngelo Williams or Shaun Draughn might have zero future value in most circumstances.
If we could somehow guarantee that buying an RB1 now would give us an RB1 to sell in the offseason, then the exercise it moot; it would be silly not to buy now. However, with the relatively low frequency of trading in this league and the difficulty I've had finding trading partners to date, I don't know if that is something I can bank on.
Putting it all together
  1. My conclusion is that I would rather stay put than spend a future first/second round draft pick, but that I would rather move Davante Adams or Karlos Williams off my team at faimarket value before either option. Agree/disagree?
  2. How much money is your late first round pick worth to you? If it weren't outside the rules to do so, how much money (as a percentage of your league's buy in) would you sell it for next year? What about your second round pick?
  3. Take control of my team: With the knowledge of these equity scores, what would you do?
The discussion last time was excellent, and I hope this brings about even more.
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2015.09.15 04:39 biggin528 PANTHER REPORT: Week 1 - The Jacksonville Jaguars


-----> GAME 1 QUESTIONNAIRE!!! <-----

Game Results

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
3 7 7 3 20
3 6 0 0 9

Offensive Stat Leaders


Passing Cam Newton 18/31 175 yds 1TD/1INT
Rushing Jonathan Stewart 56 yds 3.1 YPC 0 TD
Receiving Ted Ginn 2 Rec 54 yds 0 TD


Passing Blake Bortles 22/40 183 yds 1TD/2INT
Rushing T.J. Yeldon 51 yds 4.2 YPC 0 TD
Receiving Allen Hurns 5 Rec 60 yds 0 TD


Shaq Thompson - Thompson saw the field sparingly. While he was out there though he showed good instincts and a great connection with the other linebackers. They moved as one and looked incredibly fluid as a unit. Thompson did not have much to do while out there due to the fact they never threw it his way and most of his snaps came on run defense where he was acting as secondary support.
Devin Funchess - On his way to totaling 27 snaps(the most of all Panther rookies) he was targeted twice and had mixed results. After further review it appears he was not expecting the ball to come his way on his dropped pass. It hit him in the numbers on an outside curl with a corner all over him. His catch was for a first down and was on another comeback route. The defense respected his deep threat ability and almost always gave him cushion when it looked like he was going vertical.
Daryl Williams - Williams was not able to make much of an impact due to an injury he suffered during a field goal attempt in the first quarter. He sprained his MCL and will be out 4-6 weeks. This injury derailed the plan to play him for a large portion of the game at right tackle as to allow Mike Remmers to play center and to give Ryan Kalil a breather while coming back from injury.
David Mayo - Mayo did not see the field on the defensive side of the ball and was considered inactive for the game. Not much to report considering he did not suit up.
Cameron Artis Payne - Saw only 3 snaps, all in pass coverage. He did his job and did what he could in his snaps. With Stewart hogging most of the carries and looking good, Payne won't get many snaps. The problem is Whittaker received rushing attempts before Payne did, so Payne could be on the outside looking in as the season progresses.


Cam Newton - Another good outing by Cam, for the most part. He had a few ugly throws but generally was pretty accurate. Plus there was another case of dropped balls this week, continuing a trend from week 4 of the preseason - which makes Cam's stats appear worse than he really was. He was also back to his old form in regards to running the ball and the read-option was a major component of the gameplan this week. Cam ran the ball multiple times for pretty substantial gains including a classic evasive maneuver and eventual 20-yard completion to Cotchery.
Josh Norman - JNo24 had one of the best defensive games of his career Sunday - a far cry from where he was last year on week 1. He made his presence known early by showing off a new skill learned from a veteran colleague, the peanut punch. He also had what was arguably the turning point of the game when he got a pick-six return for 30 yards. He was in the zone and blowing up plays left and right.
Thomas Davis - As if we don't expect this nowadays...TD58 looked rocky in the preseason but shone bright in week 1 in Florida. He did a little bit of everything Sunday, recording a sack, an interception, and continuing to make the plays expected of him like this blown-up screen pass. He continued to provide the heart and soul for this defense and stepped up big as a leader after Kuechly left the game.
Jonathan Stewart - While I know we're all moping over Deangelo's incredible game in Pittsburgh (blech) this week, Stew had himself a pretty good opening game without his old partner in crime. While the offensive line often failed to open much of a lane, his speed and vision both looked very good, as evidenced by his 22-yard rush in the first quarter. It also didn't help that the Jaguars keyed in on the fact that we were limited in the receiving game and stacked the box more often than not.


The Referees - Hey, this wasn't our fault! The refs made multiple questionable calls Sunday, on both sides. However, it seemed like most of the calls that had a major impact were made AGAINST Carolina. Some of these include: an offensive pass interference call against TE Greg Olsen in the endzone; a failed 1st-down conversion on a QB sneak by Cam Newton; and an ineligible receiver downfield call on center Ryan Kalil.
Injuries - As if the Panthers weren't already banged up enough, things didn't necessarily get better in this game. In his only snap of the game, rookie OT Daryl Williams sprained his MCL on the first field goal of the game and is expected to be out two-to-four weeks. Then, late in the second half, Luke Kuechly made a tackle, dangerously leading with his head first. After the play, Luke had trouble maintaining his balance and was helped off the field, sitting out the rest of the game with a concussion. Kuechly is still in the concussion protocol at the time of this post, but Coach Rivera claims that he is progressing well. We'll see in the coming days how the Panthers handle Kuechly's condition.
Dropped passes - While Corey Brown had his issues with drops in the preseason, "Philly" Brown made his return in this game (and ditched his old #16 for a shiny new #10) and had a clean game. However, fellow starter Ted Ginn Jr. did not have quite the same success, recording two drops on the day, including a sure TD with no defenders in his proximity. Luckily, Ginn sort of made up for it later on with a beautiful 37-yard reception. Funchess had a drop in the first half as well. Each of the drops by Panthers receivers stalled otherwise promising drives. Hopefully with more time to develop a connection between Cam and his receivers, this will be less of a problem as the season goes on.
The Game - In all honesty, it was a sloppy game in general. Both teams had their hiccups, but some of that is to be expected in only the first regular season game. A win is a win, but hopefully the inconsistency of the Panthers in this game proves to be an anomaly and not the norm of the team going forward.


Jerricho Cotchery - The only receiver worth his salt on Sunday, Cotchery showed everyone why he's still around. He had the only offensive touchdown of the day and was a reliable safety net for Cam when needed. He also showed great second effort on this catch on 3rd and long late in the game.
Defensive Line - The defensive ends provided a good pass rush, with Mario Addison recording 2 sacks on the day (shown here and here), which is tied for the NFL lead through the Sunday games. Hopefully he can build on this good start, unlike last year when he recorded only 6.5 sacks on the season after having 2 in his first start against Detroit. Charles Johnson also consistently wreaked havoc in the backfield, racking up his own sack against QB Blake Bortles. While the ends looked ready to rumble, the DTs looked less than stellar. Jacksonville seemed able to run the ball whenever they wanted, proving the urgency for Star Lotulelei to heal from his foot injury. His draft colleague, Kawann Short, almost got his first sack of the season, but instead had to settle for a regular tackle.
AJ Klein - After Kuechly went out of the game before halftime with a concussion, AJ Klein filled in admirably in his place in the middle of the defense, recording 6 tackles in the game. However, none of them were as pretty as this sack by LUUUUUKE.
Bené Benwikere - While Josh Norman was the defensive back who stood out the most versus the Jaguars, Benwikere also had a solid outing. He was making strong hits throughout the game and playing well in coverage with 6 tackles and 2 passes defensed on the day. And that brings me to our...

GIF of the Week

With less than a minute left in the game, Bené Benwikere laid the wood on rookie Rashad Greene and let everyone know he's just as dangerous as Josh Norman and that he's not to be trifled with!
Again, a huge thanks to the individuals that helped me put this together:
and Extric
Hope you all enjoy and that these posts help to spark some discussion surrounding the game and players involved!
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2015.07.13 13:05 quickonthedrawl Dynasty Startup Draft Walkthrough (pt. 2/3)

Offseason Archive: { Dynasty Fire Sale and Rebuild Auction Draft Walkthrough Snake Draft Walkthrough Pt. 1/3 Why I Punt In Startups }
Hello, and welcome back to my dynasty startup draft walkthrough!
If you missed Part 1, you can find if here. Through 5 rounds, my team is:
RB T.J. Yeldon
WR DeAndre Hopkins
WR Sammy Watkins
WR Allen Robinson
WR DeVante Parker
WR Davante Adams
6.01 Greg Olsen
6.02 C.J. Spiller
6.03 Jeremy Maclin
6.04 Joseph Randle
6.05 Kenny Stills
6.06 Teddy Bridgewater
6.07 Breshad Perriman
6.08 Julian Edelman
6.09 Charles Johnson
6.10 Isaiah Crowell
6.11 Brandon Marshall
6.12 Jonathan Stewart
Having traded away my sixth round pick to get Davante Adams, I was left without a pick here. It was a little unfortunate, since Perriman in particular would have made a great selection, but I am very happy with having gotten Adams instead. My depth at WR afford me the luxury of waiting on him to move up the WR ranks, and it also allows me to recover quite well in case he busts. During the draft I felt like Joseph Randle was a horrible selection this early, but I’ve since come around. Jonathan Stewart is one that I cannot defend though.
7.01 Doug Martin
7.02 Andre Ellington
7.03 Dorial Green-Beckham
7.04 Austin Seferian-Jenkins…
Ugh. I had hoped that he would fall farther. He is my number one target at TE (since Gronkowski’s price tag is obscene), and I have huge hopes for him both this season and in the future. I already had ASJ as my predraft selection for 7.12, and so I shot the owner a trade offer before going to bed. Thankfully, he accepted, and I think I got a steal: I sent him my 8.01, 12.01 and a 3rd rounder in 2016 and received ASJ and 14.09. In a vacuum, I overpaid for the 7.04, but given that my opinion of ASJ is so high, I’m very happy with this.
My motto for this draft so far is “Get your guy, at any cost.” I like how it has played out so far. One somewhat curious note, this marked the 3rd trade of our draft so far, and the 3rd that involved me. Happy to be the catalyst.
7.05 Frank Gore
7.06 Justin Forsett
7.07 Cody Latimer
7.08 Duke Johnson
7.09 Tevin Coleman
7.10 Jay Ajayi
7.11 Jaelen Strong
Holy run on RBs, Batman! Gore and Forsett are senior citizens, Tevin Coleman is in a nightmare of a situation for his skillset, and although I love Duke and Ajayi they’re both taken very early here. I hate jumping on the back of a run at any position, since it’s usually accompanied by added value elsewhere. However, my team is also extremely unbalanced at this point in the draft, having selected 1 RB, 1 TE, and about 35 WRs.
So I made the only natural choice, and picked another WR in Donte Moncrief. This was simply a case of taking the Best Player Available, and nothing more. 3 months ago I was high enough on Moncrief to be tripping balls, but the Colts offseason has put a slight damper on that one. However, his talent hasn’t changed, he presents a different skillset than both T.Y. Hilton and Phillip Dorsett, and Andre Johnson is 40 years old.
8.01 Martellus Bennett
8.02 Julius Thomas
8.03 Shane Vereen
8.04 Devin Funchess
8.05 Kendall Wright
8.06 David Cobb
8.07 Tyler Eifert
8.08 Ben Roethlisberger
8.09 David Johnson
8.10 Matthew Stafford
8.11 Maxx Williams
8.12 DeSean Jackson
I had traded entirely out of round 8 to get ASJ, so I could only watch on helplessly as David Johnson was snatched up. He was exactly who I would have wanted in the following round, but so it goes; for the last few rounds, I had traded up pretty aggressively, so at some point I was going to have to pay the price.
Other notes from this round: My ASJ trade partner settled for Marty Bennett, which while fine on paper, helped cement my decision to trade. The next TEs taken, Eifert and Williams, don’t really excite me either, although both are better selections than Julius Thomas!
Missing out on an entire round of picks is never fun, but at least this was a (relatively) dry stretch of players compared to the earlier rounds.
9.01 Andre Johnson
9.02 Mike Wallace
9.03 Tre Mason
9.04 Derek Carr
9.05 Torrey Smith
9.06 Matt Jones
9.07 Eric Ebron
9.08 Joique Bell
9.09 Phillip Dorsett
9.10 John Brown
9.11 Jameis Winston
9.12 LeGarrette Blount
Sigh, another round gone, and I didn’t have any picks here either. Again, we’re seeing the cost of trading up, although it’s slightly deceptive since I picked up extra picks later in the draft too. But this part really is no fun!
Seeing Jameis Winston go was particularly painful, since he is who I was targeting at 10.01, and the team who selected him already had Russell Wilson. My attempts to trade for him have thus far been unsuccessful, which is perhaps for the best, given how much draft capital I’ve sacrificed already. I was also hoping that Tre Mason would fall a little bit, since he’s exactly the type of RB I’m interested in: talented, but discounted heavily because he’s buried on the depth chart. So it goes!
OK, enough is enough – I need to get a RB here. Thirty-nine of them are already off the board, and I only own one! Though I’m a huge proponent of the Zero RB strategy in startup drafts, you eventually do need capable RBs to make a championship run. In this case, I already have (in theory) a strong RB1, so I need guys with RB2 upside or better. Thankfully, I think I found one in Charles Sims. I’m not a huge fan of the guy since he’s in a timeshare and he’s older than I would like from a second year guy, but he gets a boost in PPR leagues and should be serviceable enough. Also, let’s face it. Every single RB on the board right now has massive question marks, so I have to pick the best of a flawed group of guys.
Other RBs I was considering here were Jerick McKinnon, Knile Davis, and Bishop Sankey. Ultimately, I have a little bit of buyer’s remorse with this pick, but I don’t think there’s a guy in this group that I wouldn’t have felt that with.
10.02 Cordarelle Patterson
10.03 Jerick McKinnon
10.04 Chris Ivory
10.05 Darren McFadden
10.06 Peyton Manning
10.07 Philip Rivers
10.08 Eric Decker
10.09 Knile Davis
10.10 Bishop Sankey
10.11 Terrance Williams
10.12 Pierre Garcon
Looks like the other GMs had the same idea, and all of my RB targets got snatched up. That’s OK though, since my favorite value grab at the moment (Devonta Freeman) is still available, and there’s still a ton of sweet players on the board.
11.01 Jordan Cameron
11.02 Reggie Bush
11.03 Devonta Freeman
11.04 Brian Quick
Motherfucker. Freeman was sitting near the top of the ADP list, but I figured I had a little longer before I had to make a move. And since I’ve spent so much draft capital moving up already, I decided not to make a move for him. I did however have an extra pick here in the 11th round, so I felt like I had the luxury of finally grabbing a QB. Thirteen of them were already off the board, so the pool was drying up a little, and I wasn’t looking to go QBBC while punting year 1, since I want to spent the fewest number of roster spots as possible on my QB position. That narrowed my choices down to just Mariota, Kaepernick, Bortles, and Flacco. Everybody else was either too old (Eli, Brees, Romo, Palmer), too risky (Bradford, Mallett), or bad (Dalton and about 10 others).
So I went ahead and selected my first share of Marcus Mariota among my leagues, and I feel pretty good about it. Worst case scenario is I have a below average QB, and have to reach a little next year. Best case scenario, he hits the ground running a la RGIII and I cash out early at plus value, or I have my franchise QB.
11.06 Blake Bortles
11.07 Ladarius Green
11.08 Devin Smith
11.09 Clive Walford
11.10 Tyler Lockett
11.11 Christine Michael
This first was a really strange spot for me to be in. A second QB was not happening, and all my favorite RB targets were off the board (the next ones were probably Javorius Allen or Mike Davis, and I felt like I could wait on both or snag a decent consolation prize like Cameron Artis-Payne). The WRs were also drying up pretty quickly. I strongly considered reaching on DeAndre Smelter – I own the kid in all but one league, and I think he’s got a chance to be an absolute stud, but ultimately decided this was too early to reach that deep.
There was one name though that stuck out brighter than any other, and that is New Orleans TE Josh Hill. I’m a little bit worried that nobody is going to assume the Jimmy Graham role, even in a limited capacity, and there’s still a nonzero chance that Jermaine Gresham signs with the Saints and ruins everything. However, there’s also the chance that Hill blows up, and that seemed like the best thing to play for here. As the TE15 (!) I could not pass it up.
12.01 Josh Huff
12.02 Marquess Wilson
12.03 Coby Fleener
12.04 Victor Cruz
12.05 Steve Smith
12.06 Javorius Allen
12.07 Roy Helu
12.08 Colin Kaepernick
12.09 Cameron Artis-Payne
12.10 Kenny Bell
12.11 Sammy Coates
12.12 Denard Robinson
I had sent my 12.01 off to acquire ASJ, so I could only watch as Allen and Artis-Payne were stolen from me. I’d say they were taken a little bit early, but I would have gladly taken them myself! This also seems like sneaky good value for Victor Cruz.
13.01 Swole Beasley
13.02 Rashad Jennings
When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide
Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride,
Til I get to the bottom and I see you again!
Yeah yeah yeah, hey
I’m not kidding when I say I love DeAndre Smelter. Part of the reason why I build my teams on the back of a strong, deep WR corps is so I can take chance on guys like this. Huge hands, great ability, and he comes from the same WR factory that produced Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas. While it’s unlikely that Smelter is going to be as good as either, he easily could be! For the 49ers to invest such a high draft pick on a guy who might not even play in 2015, they’ve got to have big plans for him, and I’m ready to reap the rewards. Get well soon, my prince. I gave half a thought to taking Mike Davis here, since he seems like a solid PPR flier and I’m not 100% sold on Carlos Hyde. However, I was very uncomfortable on letting Smelter fall to the wrong hands. Even with my roster leaning so far toward WRs, it seemed like the correct choice at the time, and I still stand by it.
I had to trade up to get him, so it wasn’t without penalty. I sent my 13.12 and 15.12 for the 13.03 and 17.03.
13.04 Mike Davis
13.05 Andy Dalton
13.06 Ryan Mathews
13.07 Rueben Randle
13.08 Delanie Walker
13.09 Sam Bradford
13.10 James White
13.11 DeAngelo Williams
13.12 Josh Robinson
Robinson was another guy on my radar. The RB pool is drying up fast, so I’m going to need to make some moves soon before I’m forced to trade for a RB rather than sit on one that blows up.
I would have loved to take Josh Robinson here, but that wasn’t a possibility. I’m also not a fan of taking RBs at this stage that don’t have PPR upside, such as Andre Williams – even though the price is right, I want a guy who could potentially play all 3 downs. I know, I know, I’m asking a lot.
So here, I blew a pick on a guy who I’m not a huge fan of, but I think the price is fine: Jeremy Langford. I suspect he’ll never amount to much of anything, but he’s got a relatively clear path to a starting gig if anything happens to Matt Forte. Maybe I can sneak in a later selection of Ka'Deem Carey also?
So far, my only two picks that I’m not 100% behind have been Sims and Langford.
14.02 Roddy White
14.03 Marqise Lee
14.04 Andre Williams
14.05 Duron Carter
14.06 Thomas Rawls
14.07 Dwayne Allen
14.08 Brandon LaFell
Here’s another pick I grabbed from earlier in the draft when I was trading up. It came at a pretty opportune time, since there was one player that stood a little higher than the rest on my board: WR Chris Conley. I happily took the rookie Chief as another bargain bin boom/bust play, and got immediate confirmation that other GMs were looking at him too. In fact, from a pure value stand point, I think he and Smelter are neck-and-neck, so getting him two picks later is a pretty sweet result.
Perhaps I should have gone with another RB instead of Best Player Available, but since I’m not looking to compete in year 1 anyway, I felt like I had the freedom to mine a little deeper for WR value.
14.10 Jesse James
14.11 Tony Romo
14.12 Lorenzo Taliaferro
15.01 Drew Brees
15.02 Jason Witten
15.03 Larry Fitzgerald
15.04 Eli Manning
15.05 Percy Harvin
15.06 Marvin Jones
15.07 Jace Amaro
15.08 Carson Palmer
15.09 Charles Clay
15.10 Joe Flacco
15.11 Chris Matthews
15.12 Montee Ball
No picks in the 15th round because I wanted Smelter. No ragrets here. This also appeared to be the round in which everybody took their backup QBs, and yes, that really is Drew Brees in the 15th round. I’m not sure of his ADP, but I’m pretty sure it’s a hell of a lot higher than that. I’m also pretty sure the average age of players taken in this round is approximately 100 years old.
And so, after 15 rounds, my team looked as follows:
  1. QB Marcus Mariota
  2. RB T.J. Yeldon
  3. RB Charles Sims
  4. RB Jeremy Langford
  5. TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins
  6. TE Josh Hill
  7. WR DeAndre Hopkins
  8. WR Sammy Watkins
  9. WR Allen Robinson
  10. WR DeVante Parker
  11. WR Davante Adams
  12. WR Donte Moncrief
  13. WR DeAndre Smelter
  14. WR Chris Conley
14 players, 12 of which I feel 100% confidant about, and 2 of which I feel like I settled for (Sims and Langford). Of course I’m going to be biased at this point in the draft, but I'm really happy with this team, given the requisite year or two for things to develop. If any of Parker, Adams, and/or Moncrief develop ahead of schedule, I’m almost certainly looking at 2016 as a potential playoff year and could be just a RB or two away from making a real championship run.
Thank you for reading, and please tune back in for the final 10 rounds! Last season, that is the range where I found hidden gems like C.J. Anderson, Latavius Murray, and many, many others. Clearly, I'll need to be adding at least a couple more RBs, a few more WRs, and perhaps one more each of a TE and a QB, if the prices are all right.
Where would you have deviated, if at all? Who are some players you thought I should have taken, but passed on? Very curious to hear everybody's thoughts.
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2015.01.06 20:09 jzell3 A Paradigm Shift (Are We in The Community Emotionally Unstable?)

I know I am going to get a lot of criticism for this, but here we go. Recently I came across a post about David DeAngelo getting married and sharing his vows
A lot of people scoff at David for taking the plunge and committing to one person.
The mentality to which he speaks of is being the "Single Alpha Male Who Fucks Bitches on Top of Bitches for the Rest of His Life."
This is the same mentality I had for the past 7 years. My worldview was fixated through the lens of polygamous relationships. I am even writing my thesis on why men should not get married and why marriage does not work.
There is A LOT of research out there that shows that men are naturally inclined to be with multiple women from an evolutionary perspective.
Although recently as I have gotten older, I am starting to question this modality of thought. What common themes do we in the Pick-up community have? To those of us that have taken the "Red Pill", Is our new REALITY truly beneficial for our overall happiness?
I notice common themes with men in the pickup community. 1. They usually were social outcasts or introverts growing up 2. They have been emotionally truamatized early on by the opposite sex either by their first relationship or multiple bouts of rejection.
So naturally when we come across this new way of Social Ingenuity and Mastery. We JUMP at it.
Let's look at this from another perspective. I am finishing up my Master's degree in Marriage Family and Therapy and I used a lot of different Psychological tenets to observe myself and thoughts toward monogamy and relationships.
ATTACHMENT THEORY- Without being too in-depth. I realize that in relationships I have an AVOIDANT style of attachment. Whenever I have gotten in fights with a SO I would just flee and sabotage the relationship by sleeping with somone else. A SECURE attachment style or individual would committ to their partner and choose to put 100% effort into making it work.
TRAINGLE THEORY OF LOVE- In order to have the PERFECT or Consummate loving relationship you need Intimacy (Ability to know your partner on a deep level) Passion (Physical Attraction toward each other and Commitment. How are we supposed to make a relationship work if we never fully commit to a girl? If we come into a relationship with the mindframe of an "Alpha" then we are self-sabotaging any chance of making it work.
Now I am not saying that you should not sleep around and PIMP it. I am saying that this is good to do in your early years. Sleep with loads of women and learn through EXPERIENCE what you want in a girl. Each relationship and woman I have been with has taught me what I want out of my wife.
Being with ONE person for the rest of your life is not going to be easy. Marriage takes work. If I find somone that meets all of the criteria I have stored up in my head then I will not let her go.
I really don't know what's the best solution for our relationship paradigm. What I do know is that there is a women out there that I will come across in my mid thirties that will make me want to commit to her fully. I will admit it that it is scary right now to think about. But I am only 25. I have another 10 years to have my fun. But I know that eventually I will want to find that one person to settle down with and have a family. Because my Father did the same and he is the happiest man I know.
“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ― Lao Tzu
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